The Mammals

1 How did mammals originate?

2 Are there any 'missing links' between reptiles and mammals?

3 Why were mammals so rare in the Mesozoic?

4 Where did the modern mammalian groups, the monotremes, marsupials and placentals come from?

5 Why do marsupials today live only in Australasia and the Americas?

6 Why does South America have its own unique faunas of mammals?

7 Was Africa once isolated from other continents?

8 What are the closest living relatives of elephants?

9 Are there major disagreements between molecular and morphological evidence about the phylogeny of pla-cental mammals?

10 Was the history of Tertiary mammals affected by climate and vegetation change?

11 What are the closest living relatives of primates?

12 How big can a rodent be?

13 Were the large Pleistocene mammals killed by human hunters or by climate change?

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