C auronitens

C. auronitens Fabricus, 1792 is a flightless ground beetle species of mostly cool and humid woodland habitats in both lowlands and montane to subalpine regions. Its distribution range covers wide areas of temperate Central Europe (Turin et al. 2003), with the Southernmost populations found in the Pyrenees, the Cevennes, Eastern parts of the Alps, and the Carpathians; it thus lives on either side of the Holdhaus line. In the Southwestern part of its range, the distribution is disjunct as populations exist in several areas in the Pyrenees (Forel and Leplat 1995) and the mountains further North (Montagne Noire and Cevennes, Puissegur 1964).

Both the biology and long-term population dynamics of the species (e.g., Weber and Heimbach 2001; compilation by Turin et al. 2003) and the genetic differentiation over its entire range (Assmann et al. 1994; Assmann and Weber 1997; Reimann et al. 2002) were investigated in detail.

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