Niche Overlap

The Ecosim analyses revealed that for all variables examined, niche overlap among Afrophlaeoba species was significantly greater than expected by chance, whereas for several variables the variance of the niche overlaps was smaller than expected (Table 1, Fig. 1). Averaged across all variables, niche overlap varied between 80.7 and 85.0% between congeneric species pairs. Compared with sympatric species from the East Usambara Mts., niche overlap was generally higher among Afrophlaeoba (Fig. 2). In the East Usambaras, niche overlap was also more variable (variance was greater than expected by chance), ranging from 28.0 to 85.4% (mean: 59.1%).The greatest niche overlap among the sympatric species was found between A. usambarica and P. pygmaeus which occur syntopically at forest edges in the East Usambaras, but have a different diet (Hochkirch 2001).

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