Population Genetic Structure of Two Threatened Dragonfly Species Odonata Anisoptera as Revealed by RAPD Analysis

Monica A. Amorin, Marta Vila, and Adolfo C. Rivera

Abstract The riverine odonates Macromia splendens and Oxygastra curtisii were included in the European Habitats directive as taxa of special concern. Nevertheless, there is almost no genetic information about them. We assessed the genetic diversity and population structuring among several Northwest Iberian locations where these species occur. For this, we examined the genetic pattern revealed by RAPD markers in four locations of M. splendens and five locations of O. cur-tisii. The former showed strong population structuring, whereas gene flow between different river systems may be the reason for the lower structuring inferred for O. curtisii. Based on these results, we support the need of special management for M. splendens in Northwest Iberia.

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