PCR products were purified using Novagen® Spinprep™ PCR Clean-up Kit (Merck Biosciences) according to the manufacturer's protocol. Control region fragments were sequenced using the forward (tRNAPro) and reverse primers (PS-CD). Y chromosome introns, DBY3 and DBY7, were sequenced using forward primers only while introns, DBY1 and UTY11, were sequenced using forward and reverse primers. Sequencing was carried out by Macrogen Inc. (Seoul, Korea). Control region fragment and Y chromosomal intron sequences were deposited in GenBank (Accession nos. for control region fragments: EU564340-EU564393; DBY1 intron: EU564394-EU564407 and EF636561-EF636562; DBY3 intron: EU564408-EU564414 and EF636573; DBY7 intron: EU564415-EU564422 and EF636584; UTY11 intron: EU564423-EU564434 and EF636606. Concatenated Y chromosomal intron sequences are available upon request).

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