Finding the Hollow Earth

In addition to employing vril power, it is also possible for us to make contact with, and perhaps meet, the people from the center of the earth. Diane Robbins, in her book Messages from the Hollow Earth, describes how she came to channel messages from the subterranean world. Robbins claims that she was first led to make contact with the subterranean races after learning about a woman named Sharula, who was born in Telos, a subterranean city located under Mount Shasta. Sharula, now a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, published a newsletter detailing life in Telos and describing the High Priest Adama. Soon after learning of Telos and Adama, Robbins was contacted telepathically by the high priest. Adama then connected Robbins with Mikos, a dweller not in the subterranean caverns under the earth's surface but in the earth's hollow interior. Mikos lived in the city of Catharia, located in the hollow earth under the Aegean Sea. As Robbins puts it, 'I was talking to Adama one day, when Mikos got on the line. It was a 3-way conference call' (11).

Robbins learned much from Mikos about life in the hollow earth. The residents of the hollow earth travel in electromagnetic vehicles that levitate a few inches above the ground. The capital city is known as Shamballa, located , the great POWER

^ the greai power at the very center of the planet.

The great power source for these source for these people people is a form of free energy IS A FORM OF free ENERGY -- the power of the universe the POWER OF THE UNIVERSE itself (vril?). Crystals combined ITSELF }

with electromagnetism offer a way of channeling that power.

In addition to the openings at the North and South Poles, the hollow earth can be reached from many caverns around the world and many people have traveled back and forth between the two realms. The great inventor Nikola Tesla, for example, now lives inside the planet. Once inside the hollow earth, visitors find that they are able to travel from there to anywhere in the universe, through time and space portals. There are also spaceports inside the hollow earth that house ships bound for the stars. Also inside the hollow earth is the great library of Porthologos, which contains all the knowledge of the universe. This library is only a physical manifestation of the spiritual library that dwells within each of us, however. The living library of knowledge is located within and accessible to each of us, no matter where we are. She also learned that the earth itself is really a giant crystal and that everything in the hollow earth is constructed of crystals.

According to Mikos, important events will soon come to pass. The earth is shifting into higher dimensions and the great day of promise is soon to dawn upon our planet. When this happens disease and war will be no more and the races of the underworld will unite in peace with the people of the surface. Mikos describes the great event: 'This is the day we will open up the tunnel exits and come to you, with our brightly colored robes and sparkling sandals, bearing gifts of immense riches and the necesarry devices that will return your planet to its pristine state once again' (146). Anyone who wishes to be a contactee for the emerging races has only to make their wishes known through prayer, and their names will be added to the list. Points of emergence will coincide with the location of volunteer contactees, so no one need feel left out. When that day comes, the subterranean races will emerge from the caverns and caves and meet with the contactees, bringing joy and peace to all the world.

Of course, for those of us who are a bit more literal minded, Robbins' means of contacting the hollow earth might seem a little farfetched. There is bound to be a way to reach the earth's interior without resorting to spiritualistic and new age methods like channeling. That might be a fine technique for the vril-Agharta-Shambala wing of hollow earth theory, but not for the Symmes-Reed-Gardner wing. Symmes, you may recall, had proposed a government-funded expedition to find the polar opening. If this is more to your liking, then have no fear, such a voyage may well be in your future. One such excursion has been planned by Advanced Planetary Explorations (APEX). Plans for the trip, originally scheduled for June 26, 2007, came complete with a travel itinerary that included such amazing details as:

Days 9-11 Start the search for the North Polar Opening to the Inner Continent.

Days 12-14 Once found, travel up Hiddekel River to the City of Jehu.*

Days 15-16 Take a monorail trip to City of Eden to visit Palace of the King of the Inner World. Days 17-18 Return trip back to City of Jehu on the monorail.

*Please note that if we are unable to find the Polar opening, we will be returning via the New Siberian Islands to visit skeleton remains of exotic animals thought to originate from the Inner Earth. (www.

The expedition had room for:

33 Scientists and Engineers conducting experiments and measurements. 15 seats for filmmakers, photographers, and historians. 5 seats for IT experts and satellite uplink experts.

23 seats for Exopolitical trainers and ambassadors.

24 seats for previous team members and truth seekers.

The expedition was to be led by Dr. Brooks A. Agnew Ph.D., who describes himself as 'having been privileged with the highest callings there are: that of teacher, scientist, engineer, talk-show host of X squared Radio, but most of all, I am an Earth Explorer' (from the video NPIEE: The Greatest Geological Expedition in History).

Some people make psychic contact with the civilization at the earth's core. Some join expeditions that sail to the North Pole in search of the great entranceway to the subterranean world.

Not me. I pursue weird, unconfirmed stories about caves in Arkansas that lead to subterranean realms inhabited by peaceful Blues and violent Sasquatch. I crawl through mud, swim through freezing water, swing from ropes, crawl between rocks like a worm, and eat dirty, wet trail mix on a seven-hour journey into and out of Blowing Cave.

I do not discover any strange blue people.

I do not meet any high-tech Sasquatch.

I do not encounter any giant lizards.

I do tire myself so completely that I am almost unable to get out of bed the next day - my muscles ache - my head pounds. Every now and again for the next few days I find myself suddenly experiencing feelings of claustrophobia. I shiver for no apparent reason.

Slowly it begins to dawn on me. The truth was right before my eyes. I did meet the Arkansas Cave People! I did meet a strange race of troglodytes with customs beyond my understanding. Now I realize the truth. The Arkansas Cave People are not blue, nor are they inordinately hairy. They are a group of young professionals from Little Rock. To look at them you might never imagine how weird they really are. They explore caves for FUN!

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

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