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On October 20, 1912 the discovery of Atlantis was announced in the pages of the New York American. Paul Schliemann, whose grandfather Heinrich Schliemann had excavated the remains of ancient Troy, announced that his grandfather had left information in regards to the location of lost Atlantis. The junior Schliemann claimed that after years of investigation and research he was prepared to announce his findings publicly. His account was entitled:

How I Found the Lost Atlantis, The Source of All Civilization

In The Most Astonishing Scientific Narrative Ever Published the Grandson of Troy's Discoverer Tells Why He Believes He Has Unravelled the Greatest World Mystery by Dr. Paul Schliemann Grandson of Dr. Heinrich Schliemann, Who Discovered and Excavated Ancient Troy and Other Great Cities of the Mycenean Civilization, Which Preceded and Was Greater Than That of the Greeks

According to Schliemann, Atlantis is identified with the Dolphin Ridge, an underwater plateau, between 25 and 50 degrees north, and 20 to 50 degrees west. The Azore Islands represent the mountains of Atlantis, the only part of that great land that now rises out of the waves. Schliemann was led to the location by his grandfather's posthumous instructions. The elder Schliemann was led to Atlantis by a chance discovery during his excavation of Troy. Heinrich wrote in his instructions to his grandson:

When in 1873, I made the excavation of the ruins of Troy at Hissarlik and discovered in the Second City the famous 'Treasure of Priam,' I found among that treasure a peculiar bronze vase, of great size. Within it were several pieces of pottery, various small images of peculiar metal, coins of the same metal and objects made of fossilized bone. Some of these objects and the bronze vase were engraved with a sentence in Phoenician hieroglyphics. The sentence read 'From the King Chronos of Atlantis.' ( index.htm)

Later, Heinrich discovered matching pottery at the Louvre, this time from an excavation in Central America. Matching vases discovered in the Mediterranean and in Central America pointed toward a common origin in some central location - Atlantis!

Carefully following the leads left by his grandfather, Paul followed the trail to Egypt and South America, learning to read hieroglyphics and deciphering the clues until his conclusion was foolproof. The next step was simply to explore the undersea city and uncover its riches. The newspaper included an illustration of exotic diving equipment labeled: 'The New Diving Armor, Designed by Chevalier Pino to Resist Enormous Water Pressure, Which Will Be Used by the English Expedition Which Has Set Out to Find the Treasures of Atlantis' (

Alas, the results of Schliemann's expedition were never reported, neither in the New York American nor any other newspaper or journal. One suspects that the newspaper, like many others operated by William Randolph Hearst, intended the story to be little more than a joke.

Schliemann was not the only person to claim knowledge of the site of lost Atlantis, however, nor was he the most influential person to do so. That distinction belongs to the 'Sleeping Prophet,' Edgar Cayce. Cayce rose to prominence in the early part of the twentieth

15. Dr. Paul Schliemann's diving armor, designed, according to the New York American, to resist enormous water pressure: mandatory in searching for lost Atlantis.

century, receiving great attention following an October 9, 1910 article reporting his mystic abilities, published in the New York Times concerning a presentation of his healing abilities before a Boston research society. According to the claims, Cayce could tune into a person's physical ailments, making diagnoses and suggesting cures, with only the patient's name and address at his disposal - even if the patient were separated from him by a great distance.

In addition to his work as a psychic diagnostician, Cayce also performed 'life readings' in which he would enter into a sleeping trance and gather information concerning an individual's past lives. Many of these life readings concerned past lives lived in Atlantis. Following his death in 1945, several thousand pages of stenographic recordings of these life readings were discovered. They covered a 40-year period and included readings for 8,000 people.

According to students of Cayce's readings, many people living in America in the twentieth century were reincarnated Atlanteans. According to Cayce's readings, Atlantis was a technologically advanced civilization. Indeed, modern technology is, in many ways, simply a rediscovery of ancient Atlantean technology. Seeing it as a warning for present-day civilization, Cayce noted that many Atlanteans fell under the sway of technology and power, losing their souls in the bargain. Becoming so attached to the world of materiality, they lost touch with the world of the spirit. The Atlanteans who followed the ways of material £ MANY PEOPLE

culture, the Sons of Belial, soon LIVING IN AMERICA IN THE

came into conflict with those

who maintained the ways of the spirit, the Children of the Law. REINCARNATED ATLANTEANS f This turn away from the spirit and this elevation of technology led to the destruction of the great continent. Though great power could be achieved through the use of Atlantean 'fire crystals,' great destruction was also always a threat. In the end the misuse of the crystals brought about the destruction of the civilization.

Some of Cayce's followers also claim that he predicted the rediscovery of Atlantis - and that he gave clues to its whereabouts. According to an interpretation of one of his readings from 1927, Atlantis was to be uncovered off the southeastern coast of Florida, near the island of Bimini. In 1940 Cayce claimed in a reading that 'Poseidia will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again.

Expect it in 68 or 69' ( The reference to 68 and 69 is taken to refer to the years 1968 and 1969. Some suggest that this is a prophetic utterance pointing toward the identification of Atlantis with the 'Bimini Road,' often said to have been discovered in 1968. The Bimini Road is half a mile of limestone rocks, laid out underwater in what appears to be a uniform pattern. To all intents and purposes it looks like an underwater road or the base of a huge wall. Robert Marx, writing in the November 1971 issue of Argosy magazine, speculated that the Bimini Road might be evidence of lost Atlantis; a man-made structure now covered with water. Though many geologists have insisted that the road is a purely natural formation, the facts seem all too clear to believers. Discovered in 1968, the Bimini Road fulfills Cayce's prophecy - Atlantis has begun to rise from the depths.

More recently, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, a group claiming association with the teaching of the late Edgar Cayce, has published claims concerning their search for Atlantis in the vicinity of Bimini. In addition to the Bimini Road, these researchers claim that they have discovered the remains of ancient harbors, now completely submerged, in the area. According to Greg Little's account of the organization's research in the July 2007 issue of Alternate Perceptions Magazine, expeditions in 2006 and 2007 were conducted using side-scan sonar. Sonar images indicated:

rectangular formations lying in 100 feet of water off Bimini, several unusual stone formations 20+ miles out on the Great Bahama Bank, and the 'rediscovery7 of an underwater 'mass' of fully dressed marble beams, an exquisite marble building apex, marble columns, and numerous huge, rectangular flat slabs of white marble. (http://www.

The claim that the remains of ancient Atlantis have been found in the area known as the 'Bermuda Triangle' has not escaped the notice of Atlantis researchers. This area of the Atlantic, stretching from Miami to the Bahamas to Bermuda, is also known as the 'Devil's Triangle' and is regarded as mysterious because of the supposedly large number of aircraft and ships that have disappeared without a trace within its waters. Theories of the origins of the Triangle's mysterious power have ranged from an underwater extraterrestrial base to the existence of a trans-dimensional portal in the area. A very prominent theory, however, is based on Cayce's location of Atlantis in the area and in his discussion of the Atlantean use of crystal power. According to this theory, planes and ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle

16. Nazi Atlantean underwater gladiators from outer space - The Warlords of Atlantis (1978). Don't mess with these guys. Image courtesy of the Kobal Collection.

because the submerged Atlantean technology continues to operate, or at least continues to have an effect. The power of the Atlantean fire crystals is responsible for the disappearance of planes and ships.

The theory that lost Atlantis may be responsible for the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle received support through the story of Dr. Ray Brown, who is said to have made a great discovery in the Bahamas in 1970. While diving, Brown became separated from his friends and discovered a large underwater pyramid. Exploring the capstone of the pyramid, Brown discovered an entranceway into its interior. In the center of a pyramidal room, Brown noted a brass rod descending from the ceiling. At its end was a many-faceted ruby-like gem. Below the gem was a stone plate that held a pair of sculpted metal hands. The hands held a three-and-a-half inch crystal. Brown removed the crystal and took it with him. According to Jeffrey Keyte,

Dr. Brown's crystal sphere has been the source of a wide variety of paranormal and mysterious occurrences. People have felt breezes or winds blowing close to it. Both cold and warm layers surround it at various distances. Other witnesses have observed phantom lights, heard voices or felt strange tingling sensations surrounding it.

A compass needle, when placed next to the crystal sphere, will spin counter-clockwise, then commence turning in the opposite direction when moved only inches away. Metals become temporarily magnetized when they come into close contact with the sphere.

There are even recorded instances where healing has taken place by merely touching the sphere. (

In 1976 Atlantean crystals came to the fore of the burgeoning 'New Age' movement. In that year Frank Alper began receiving channeled messages from ancient Atlantis that described the power of crystals, including the use of crystals for physical healings. Alper's claim was that crystals had the ability to store energy much like a battery and then release the energy in productive ways. Alper described the uses of Atlantean crystals in his three-volume Exploring Atlantis, the first volume of which was published in 1982.

According to Alper, the Atlanteans used giant fire crystals to power their cities. These crystals were located in underground tunnels and their energy was conducted through copper rods. Crystals were also used to amplify psychic abilities in order to allow telepathic communication between the Atlanteans. Pyramids in Atlantis were made of crystals and acted as antennae 4 ClRYSTALS WERE to receive and amplify universal

ALSO USED TO AMPLIFY energies and to establish mag-

PSYCHIC ABILITIES IN ORDER netic energy grids that helped

TO ALLOW TELEPATHIC to hold the planet in its orbital path. A few of these pyramids


still remain, but are buried deep underground. The locations of buried pyramids, including Mount Shasta, provide special healing power to those who visit them. Crystals were also used by the Atlan-teans to treat pregnant women and to transfer information to their unborn fetuses. At two years of age, children left their parents to live in group homes, where crystals were used to transfer data directly to their brains. Alper argues that the healing power of crystals, known first to the Atlanteans, may be reclaimed by the human race today.

The Crystal Wings company of Mount Shasta, California sells, among many other crystals, 'The Lost Stone of Atlantis,' also known as 'The Channeling Stone of St. Germaine.' The business' website reports:

It seems that this 'missing stone' fills the gap and void of deep emotional trauma that we and our clients have been witnessing within, with a renewed purity of light and love. The energy of the stone itself transmutes and replaces the residual negativity and stagnancy that we hold in our heart center with a presence that many of us have not been familiar with for centuries upon centuries. Ruby Lavender Quartz™ dissolves one's blockages and in turn enables one to finally 'let go' and have the ability to manifest the true potentials of ones Kharmic calling. Without the walls, we become vessels for receiving and giving divine information and divine love. Ruby Lavender Quartz™ has truly become the embodiment of the unconditional mother, the unwavering nurturer, and the undaunted energy of love. It is the comfort of home. (

Okay, so I should have gone to Mount Shasta and purchased a Ruby Lavender Quartz crystal. 'Letting go' and 'manifesting the true potential of my Kharmic calling' sounds pretty good right now, not to mention 'replacing the residual negativity and stagnancy that I hold in my heart's center.' I'm sure that it would just as easily release me from the eternal circle of mud in which my soul now seems to be imprisoned. But I'm here now, so I'll make the best of it.

A fellow spelunker gives me his hand and pulls me through the mud to solid ground. I am lucky to have my companions, members of the Little Rock Grotto, a club of Arkansas cave explorers, real-life adventurers, who agreed to be my guides through the depths of the cave. The group regularly explores caves throughout the region, mapping them and removing litter and debris. They have supplied me with knee pads, a helmet, and a water-proof bag, and lead me around boulders, push and pull me through openings that I would swear are smaller than the circumference of my head, warn me of sudden drops into cold water, and generally keep me from getting lost or killed.

The group has been here many times before, and knows something of the legend of the blue-skins and Sasquatch. Dewayne Agin, a member of the group, claims that he has never seen anything weird or out of the ordinary in this cave. Then he tells me about a fellow who used to explore this cave with their group. They nicknamed him 'Bigfoot' because he was full of stories of giant, hairy, forest people and unidentified flying objects.

Bigfoot was also known for exploring the cave alone and in the nude. That seems pretty weird to me.

What does it mean that Atlantis is lost? I don't mean lost beneath the sea, I mean lost to history, lost to science, lost to human knowledge. In its disappearance beneath the waves of the Atlantic, it offers a morality lesson - about the dangers of the thirst for power and an unhealthy dependence upon technology. Its disappearance from history provides a different lesson.

For Donnelly the loss was of pure religion, pure humanity.

For Blavatsky and the other theosophists, the loss was of humanity's true history - the loss of a history kind to both matter and the spirit.

For both, its loss was an illustration that humanity has lost its way. While Donnelly never brought this idea to clarity, Blavatsky and the others surely did. The message of the lost Atlantis is that history cannot be trusted, at least not the history of the mainstream, the history of the academy, the history of the schools. If we want to know the truth, we must look to other sources, we must look to the ascended masters, to mysterious ancient texts, to the esoteric sources known only to the few.

Herein lies the secret. While the Atlantis of Blavatsky, Scott-Elliot, Oliver and Cayce pretends to be the Atlantis of the chosen few, it is really the Atlantis of the masses. The knowledge of the theosophists is called esoteric, known only by the select few. But, in reality, the path to esoteric knowledge is wider than the path to accepted knowledge. Knowledge of Atlantis can be had for a nickel in cheap newsletters and pulp magazines. It can be found while waiting in the grocery store queue, on basic cable television channels, and on internet websites.

What does it mean that Atlantis is lost, lost to history and science? It means that we cannot trust those in authority, those in the ivory towers, those with credentials and honors and degrees.

Lost Atlantis is more than a utopian vision, meant to instruct or to warn.

Lost Atlantis, and lost Lemuria and Mu, are civilizations not so much from the pages of secret history as from the pages of rejected history, discredited history, sunken history, subterranean history. To believe in Atlantis is not to believe in the other story, the accepted story from textbooks and college lectures. To believe in Atlantis is to believe that wisdom can be found printed on pulp pages and that knowledge is often disguised as tabloid fodder.

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