Chupacabras was not the first mysterious creature to thrive both on land and in the sky. In 1966 Point Pleasant, West Virginia became the center of a series of sightings immortalized by John Keel in his best-selling account The Mothman Prophecies (later made into a movie). The sightings began in November with the report of an 18-year-old girl, Connie Carpenter, who reported that, while driving past a deserted golf course at around 10:30 a.m., she observed a huge gray creature, shaped liked a man but considerably larger. Like the Chupacabras, the eyes of the creature made quite an impression: they were large, round, and glowing red. Keel reports that as Carpenter slowed down for a closer look, the creature unfolded a pair of huge wings. It then rose straight up into the air, again like the Chupacabras, more like a helicopter than a bird. It swooped low over her car before she sped away in terror. Keel reports that during the winter over 100 people saw the creature, dubbed the Mothman.

A group of teenagers described the entity as human shaped and six or seven feet tall. It had huge wings folded across its back. Its enormous eyes glowed like automobile reflectors. It was gray and walked on two legs. As they sped past in their automobile, Mothman

6. The Mothman Statue, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, by local sculptor Robert Roach. Not something you'd want to see when the mist rolls in.

spread its 'bat-like' wings and rose straight up into the air. According to the witnesses, the creature followed their car, traveling at 100 miles an hour, without ever flapping its wings. It squeaked like a large mouse. They only escaped because the creature turned away as they drew near to town. They could not help but notice that a large dog carcass that had previously been seen on the side of the road was now gone, perhaps taken by the creature, who, like the Chupacabras, became known for its taste for small animals. Keel describes one of his victims, a dog: 'There was a very large, very neat hole in its side, and the animal's heart was lying outside the body. It looked as if something chewed it out. There were no other marks on the body' (266). Other than his victims, the Mothman never left behind any other physical evidence. The terror from the sky doesn't even leave footprints.

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