Orgone Energy

Psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich is an important figure in the story of alternative technology. This student of Freud claimed to have discovered orgone energy - what Charles R. Kelley, in the September 1962 issue of The Creative Process, calls 'the creative force in nature.' Reich first discovered orgone within the human body and claimed that his patients received improved mental and physical health by sitting inside devices that he called 'orgone accumulators.' (The U.S. government was less than impressed with Reich's inventions, imprisoning him in 1956 for transporting an orgone accumulator across state lines.) He also came to believe that orgone existed in a free form in the atmosphere and as the creative force of the entire universe. Kelley, in an article that has been both reproduced and plagiarized many times over, argues that it is in its atmospheric phase that the existence of orgone has been most clearly demonstrated. Kelley himself, a former weather forecaster in the Air Force, claims to have put Reich's 'cloudbuster' apparatus to the test. According to Reich, the cloudbuster has the power to dissolve clouds by drawing orgone energy away from them. It could also be used to stimulate clouds to produce rain. According to Kelley, the cloudbuster does everything that Reich claimed it could do. The success of the cloudbuster is only one of the many pieces of evidence for the existence of Reich's orgone energy, however.

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Kelley claims that orgone may be observed in the atmosphere under certain conditions:

All that is required is a small telescope set up near an ocean or lake to look out parallel to the surface of the water between a few inches and a few feet above the water level. The pulsatory movement of atmospheric orgone energy is usually easily observable. Exciting to watch, this phenomenon is completely unknown to orthodox science. It cannot be explained as an effect of wind, for it frequently has a direction cross or opposite to that of the surface wind. (72)

In addition, Kelley claims that further evidence for the existence of orgone energy can be seen by examining the operation of the orgone accumulator. This device, which is built to collect orgone from the atmosphere, is observed to have a higher temperature than the surrounding atmosphere. In addition, humans within an orgone accumulator experience an increase in body temperature:

Paul and Jean Ritter report the results of 45 separate observations with nine different individuals as subjects. They showed an average rise in temperature of .48 degrees Fahrenheit in consequence of sitting an average of approximately 40 minutes in an accumulator. Keeping subjects ignorant of the purpose of the experiment did not prevent the rise from occurring, but substituting a plain insulated box for the accumulator did. (72)

This increase in body temperature is attributed by Kelley to the accumulation of orgone energy within the human subjects.

Orgone energy possesses several characteristics. It has no mass. It is present everywhere throughout the universe. It is the medium through which electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena operate. It is in constant motion. Orgone contradicts the law of entropy, is the focus for creative energy, is the source of matter, and is responsible for life. It can be accumulated and stored in specialized devices, which also allow the energy to be manipulated and used to alter the weather, heal illnesses, and improve sexual performance and pleasure.

In recent years, believers in orgone energy have claimed that orgone energy can be used to compensate for the negative energy being broadcast into our environment by cell phone towers and satellites. 'Orgone Gifting' is a movement whose purpose is to place orgone devices throughout the environment in order to reverse the effects of this negative energy upon the environment, the weather, and human physical and mental health. These orgone gifts go by many different names, but two terms in recent use are 'Holy Hand Grenades' and 'Tower Busters.' The term 'Holy Hand Grenade' (HHG) places emphasis upon the size of the devices and the ease with which they can be thrown, usually from a moving car, into areas in need of orgone rejuvenation. 'Tower Busters' are placed at or near cell phone towers to reverse their negative impact.

The orgone gifting website,, offers advice to those who 'discover the miraculous healing and balancing effects of working with orgone energy devices:'

You know what it has done for you, your family, and friends. You've watched it take "old sourpusses" and turn them into thoughtful angels, conscious of their ugliness. You've watched the ugliness around your home and neighborhood shift into something higher and nobler. You've seen your plants, pets, and water become simply alive after having these things about. And, at some point, you'll want to share this gift with others. (

The advice includes a handy list of potential gifting locations.

The first place to place an orgone energy device is on the main water line entering your home. Because orgonized water 'is conductive and spreads, even against the flow of water itself,' this will benefit all of your neighbors and not just your own water supply. 'One pint-sized HHG or larger will be sufficient to handle any volume your residence may use.' You should also put HHGs under your beds, on your refrigerator and water heater, and in your garden. Place them at each corner of your property to 'create a grid zone of energetic energy.' This will help to reduce the influence of microwave transmissions from cell phones as well as from paranormal entities. Place a HHG at the base of trees to 'de-smog' the neighborhood air. You should also place HHGs in your automobile.

When your own house is in order you should place the devices in all of the places that you frequent - your gas station, park, and grocery store as well as at the homes of friends and neighbors. You don't even have to let other people know what you are doing. Just drop them in an inconspicuous location and let them do their magic. When your environment is taken care of then you should plan to 'grid your hometown.' Everywhere you can place a device, do it.

Many have done this with great success and report excellent results from the community - better attitudes, a vibrant and healthy plant and aviary life, and a far better atmosphere all around than was ever there before. What you are doing is freeing the world around you. By this process, you are disabling underground bases, cell towers and their negative effects, black magicians, and satanists who live in your area. You are freeing the many from the dogma of the church and are forcing law enforcement to rethink what they have allowed themselves to become. Parents become better parents, children better adjusted and normalized. The years ahead no doubt will reveal much; as yet, the data is too new and baselines are just now being established. On the whole, all fronts and aspects of life show a much improved increase in vitality and radiance. ( com)

Of course, you might also like to target specific areas and should feel free to do so. Some locations that may need special attention include: cemeteries; Masonic, Mormon, and Esoteric Order Temples; police departments; battlefields; hospitals; reservoirs, streams, lakes, and waterways; prisons; microwave and cell phone towers; nuclear power plants; haunted houses; underground tunnels and bases; daycare centers and schools; bars, distilleries, and sex shops; forests and parks; near high-voltage power lines; and along the freeway. And remember, we are told, you don't have to worry about over-gifting because 'There is no such thing as over-gifting.'

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