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Did you know that Sasquatch can: read, write, shape-shift, voice project, create infrasound that affects the environment, de-materialize at will or cause you to have an experience of lost time so you think they de-materialized, travel 300 miles a day on foot, live in well-lighted underground facilities, contact and live with Star People, tell us about our past and our future, have lived here longer than the human race? (

According to Joan Ocean, this is all true. Bigfoot are much more than large bipedal primates. They are much more than manimals, lying somewhere between humans and apes in development, language, and culture. They are also a lot more than the inhuman spirits of Ape Canyon. Bigfoot are our spiritual, technological, cultural, and intellectual superiors. If we let them, they will be our teachers and guides.

Ocean's interest in Bigfoot grew out of her belief that it is possible to communicate with dolphins as she described in her 1989 book Dolphin Connection: Interdimensional Ways of Living. The connection with Bigfoot began when she was contacted by someone asking if her techniques for communicating with dolphins might be used in communication with Sasquatch. Intrigued by the possibility, Ocean began to seek out encounters with the creatures.

Her first attempt at contact, in an undeveloped spot in the Hawaiian islands, resulted in several experiences that she only identified as Sasquatch communication at a later time. During a week-long camping trip she experienced noxious odors, the sounds of falling trees and crooning birds, and gentle taps on her shoulder while she was trying to sleep. Blind to it at the time, Ocean now believes that these were subtle attempts by the creatures to initiate contact with her.

Some time later Ocean learned that a friend who lived near a forested area believed that Sasquatch creatures lived nearby. Ocean sent a copy of her book to her friend as a gift to the creatures. In response, Ocean received a gift from the Sasquatch, a beautiful quartz rock with an attached note in printed letters that read 'FOR WATER WOMAN.' Despite her initial shock, Ocean soon learned that:

It came from the Medicine Woman of the Sasquatch family in a southeastern location of America near my friend who I will call Susan to ensure her privacy. Apparently the great grandmothers of this Sasquatch family have had contact with white people and learned to read and write in English although they had their own language as well. This may not be true of all Sasquatch people, but it is definitely true of this clan. Having read my book, or at least receiving it, and understanding who I am, through some inner sensing abilities, they named me, Water Woman.

Ocean learned much about the creatures upon her visit to Susan's home. Susan raised a large garden so that she could share some of her crops with the Sasquatch. She would prepare meals and place them on a picnic table in the woods for their enjoyment. In return, the Sasquatch would bring medicinal herbs to Susan and her family. They placed two medicine wheels on Susan's property: 'The Sasquatch said that these rock and shell and wood circles, describing the four directions, serve as Portals. You can go through them - but be aware! You may not be able to come back! The Sasquatch call this other world, the Sometime Place.'

Over time, Ocean came to know the Sasquatch family that frequented Susan's farm. There were 33 of them in all, some of whom were pregnant. Her encounters with them were filled with a sense of peace and love. She describes one such encounter:

Around me I begin to feel an aura of Love. It is a gentle frequency that expands a hundred feet on all sides. I recognize it as the same welcoming vibration I receive when the dolphin pods approach. Who is it? I wonder? I have the feeling someone is coming. There is something very loving in the air. Could it be the Wise Ones? This is the name for the Sasquatch people who are the most advanced spiritually and intellectually.

She also describes their appearance:

I . . . become aware of two gentle dark eyes looking at me. They are not staring or piercing eyes, but soft, half-closed eyes. I feel the warmth behind them. Widening my gaze, I see the rest of the head, and a form standing just beneath the porch roof. In the fading light, I can see the head is big with curly hair surrounding the face. I hadn't pictured Sasquatch with curly hair. It looks very nice, like a child's favorite teddy bear, well-worn. I look steadily at the face to be sure I am seeing what I think is there. The head of this huge body is framed in the leaves from the trees? It seems to be merging with the leaves. I see a distinct curl over the right eye. There is no obvious neck, a dark outline of massive shoulders, long arms. The lower part of the body is too dark to see in detail, but it blocks out everything behind it, giving me an idea of its size. The eyes continue to stare softly at me. The head is below the height of the roof. I estimate this Sasquatch is more than six feet tall.

Sasquatch have many great abilities that would come as a surprise to most people, even to most Bigfoot believers. Ocean notes that they can walk 10 to 20 miles an hour. They can seemingly dematerialize and become 4THEY CAN WALK at invisible, whether by changing 10 TO 20 MILES AN HOUR.

their own atomic structure or THEY CAN SEEMINGLY

by creaung ^ energy field that DEMATERIALIZE AND BECOME affects the ability of observers to see them, she does not know. It INVISIBLE 5

may also be that they can simply cause humans to experience interrupted time, which would cause the humans to believe that a Sasquatch had dematerialized.

Sasquatch are also gifted in the use of what Ocean calls 'Infrasound,' this is sound which affects humans emotionally, mentally, physically, and multi-dimensionally. Infrasound can be used to communicate with others thousands of miles away. The sounds are of such low frequency that the human ear cannot detect them. Sasquatch may use them to create feelings of peace and calm or, when needed for protection, to produce feelings of terror and unease. Sasquatch also possess the ability to teleport objects by manifesting them and controlling them from a distance. This ability, and others, have developed among Sasquatch as they have evolved through time. Indeed, during the Ice Age, Ocean explains, the Sasquatch were much like us. They have subsequently evolved beyond us. They are our big brothers. One day we may be like them and may develop the great power that they possess.

Similar insights into the nature of Sasquatch are also offered by Ocean's friend and colleague, Jack 'Kewaunee' Lasperitis. Lasperitis claims that he is one of 76 individuals who have experienced the psychic Sasquatch and the extraterrestrial beings often connected with them. He claims to have had nearly 500 encounters in a 19-year period. The conclusion that he has reached based on these encounters is that Sasquatch are 'giant hairy humans with extraterrestrial origin' (3). Following years of looking for evidence of a giant prehistoric ape with limited intelligence, Lasperitis was shocked to discover that Sasquatch were much, much more.

He describes an encounter that began while he was sleeping and was gently awakened by a voice saying, 'Wake up, wake up, my friend; we are here.'

Lying in bed facing the wall, I instantly opened my eyes and felt an overwhelming 'presence' in the bedroom. Turning around, I was fascinated beyond delight as my eyes beheld two living apparitions, very much 'alive,' of apelike men, which I immediately could see were the Sasquatch people. Without fear, I lay there and looked with great wonder, knowing I was privileged that these interdimensional nature-beings were sharing who they were by revealing their presence while in the astral state. Since September 1979, this non-hallucinatory experience has occurred to me a few hundred times. Sometimes it occurred in the company of multiple witnesses who experienced the same phenomenon, which, at times, included telepathic communication with these apparitions. (135)

Lasperitis experienced a deep sense of love and peace emanating from the two beings. The creatures were male. One was seven to eight feet tall, The other was around four feet. The smaller one seemed inexperienced, as if 'astral travel was new to him.'

The larger creature had a remarkably interesting face, which looked half-ape, half-man! That face had an air of control and intelligence, and the eyes studied me in an inquisitive manner. In its effort to scrutinize me, I was surprised to observe the bottom half of the translucent body float through and below the bedroom floor until the being's face was only three feet from mine. This gave me a perfect view of the head. The aliveness and movement of the pupils in the eyes thoroughly intrigued me, indicating that I was indeed viewing something very extraordinary. (136)

Based on his experiences and the experiences of the other 75 percipients, Lasperitis believes that Sasquatch are human and not animals, that they are benign and not dangerous, that they have great psychic abilities, that they did not evolve on the earth, and that they are associated with UFOs and their occupants. Sasquatch can travel across dimensions at will. Sometimes they occupy a position between dimensions. In this state they can be seen by humans but do not have a physical presence:

When a Sasquatch 'blips' into another dimension while walking on snow or in mud, the proof is that the physical tracks abruptly end as if the creature vanished into thin air - and, in reality, it truly did, by entering another, 'lighter,' less dense dimension. This phenomenon has been reported frequently by researchers and percipients. The sentient creatures use other dimensions both to hide from danger and to spy on humans while reading their minds. (161)

Lasperitis reports one such encounter with dematerializing Sasquatch. The report came from Oregon, where a snowmobiler was shocked to see three Sasquatch walking through the snow. The man became even more shocked when he realized that he could see through the Sasquatch - they were transparent. In addition, they were floating slightly above the snow, leaving no tracks.

Much of the work of the Sasquatch apparently takes place underground. Many people who have encountered Sasquatch have also reported strange, humming sounds coming from the ground. Lasperitis notes that this is because the Sasquatch live in underground cities. He relates the story of Mark, who was invited by a Sasquatch to visit one of these cities:

Mark claims he was taken to a cave entrance that was very well camouflaged - in fact, he did not recognize it until they were almost beside the entrance. Another Sasquatch stood inside, guarding the entrance to the cave. Inside the cave Mark could see no visible lights, just a mysterious glow, which provided adequate light for them to see.(71)

To Mark's surprise, he was greeted by four tall Star People. These extraterrestrials appeared human, except for their tall stature. Two of the ETs were male, two were female. They spoke perfect English and were very polite. Mark was told that the Star People had been there for thousands of years and that their city ran for a mile and a half underground. They showed Mark a large amount of machinery operated by hairless beings, three to four feet tall. When Mark touched one of the tiny beings, he felt an electrical spark. He was convinced that they were clones, especially created to perform technical work. The Star People showed Mark how to view 'books' in their library, all of which were produced electronically upon a video screen. On another visit, Mark was escorted by Sasquatch to view a landed UFO.

Underground cities and flying saucers should not distract from the spiritual aspect of contact with the Sasquatch emphasized by both Lasperitis and Ocean, however - namely the spiritual enlightenment that their ancient wisdom can bring, from beyond the earth, from the deepest past, and from alternate dimensions. Joan Ocean describes her encounter with this aspect of the Sasquatch on her website:

We settle into a deep meditation for contact, proceeding with the help of Medicine Woman, to enter the Portal. We experience the swirling energy, starting at our feet and slowly moving up, enveloping our bodies. At some point as each of us is ready, we leave the physical realm and travel with two Wise Ones through the Sometime Place into their alternate reality. There we meet with the Medicine Woman and she is happy to welcome us.

I ask to see the future of Earthling and Sasquatch contact. I then experience a round room with many Ancient Ones, Sasquatch and Earth people who appear gentle and wise. We are learning many things from these Advanced Sasquatch people; how to live in splendor in their forests and 4th dimensional homes. They know about all the life forms in the woods. Every growing herb in the forest has a different nourishing and healing characteristic. We are even learning about herbs for Dream Walking, dematerializing, shape-shifting, spirit enhancing, voice and sound projecting, and entering other realities. They seem to recommend mind-enhancing herbs for 'out of body' experiences as a preparation for entering the 'invisible' worlds. If we can overcome our blocks to these inherent abilities, we can experience them. We have all the glands, consciousness and active DNA to do it.

In this way we visit the inner earth people and other beings that live on planet Earth with us, although unseen by us. The Wise Ones know these places and these people.

As we visit these places temporarily, I feel the sensation of being small, in the company of 7 foot Sasquatch and 9 foot Inner Earth people. They are gentle and loving, beaming their welcome. Their world is green, lush and peaceful. They are wisely discerning about who can enter in.

This is just a small part of what I experienced. This Dream Walking is the kind of communication the Medicine Woman wants with Earthlings. We can enter their world with them. (www.joanocean. com)

* * si ft is not swirling, positive energy that I am now experiencing. This is not an alternate reality. This world is not green, lush and peaceful. I am not Dream Walking.

Smokey Crabtree opens the door to his garage and motions for us to enter. It is a cavernous building filled with all sorts of things, including a couple of boats and assorted lawnmower parts. Along one wall are various animal mounts, most showing their age and 4 i'm not sure what covered with dust. I half expect to see this is. it's not human a Bigfoot head protruding from h that's for SURE ?

wall next to the stuffed beaver (normal sized, not giant).

Smokey calls our attention to the far back wall of the building and throws open the plywood top on the plexi-glass box that houses his Fouke Monster carcass. There is a skeleton here all right, and it is real. There is stringy flesh attached to the bones - muscles and tendons in a state somewhere between preservation and decay, smelling of rot and formaldehyde.

Smokey props open the box with a plank and steps back so that we can get a better look.

The smell makes me want to gag, but I hold it back, not wanting to insult our host.

I move toward the box and take a closer look.

I'm not sure what this is. It is not human, that's for sure.

It is also not the three-toed biped of Fouke Monster lore.

My guess is that it is feline, some sort of very large cat. Surely it is too big to be an indigenous animal. No panther this large ever walked the woods of Arkansas.

Maybe it is a tiger - released into the woods for the hunting pleasure of some Texas oilman. That would explain the missing head. That would have been taken as a trophy.

But I'm not sure. How can I even think with that overpowering smell? There is one thing I do know, however. This is real. It is more real than the word of an eyewitness, more real than footprints in the Texas mud, dermal ridges or not. It is also clearly not a psychic phenomenon. It is earthy and material.

This is real. Real death. Real decay. Real stink.

But it is not Bigfoot.

11. Smokey's Monster, Fouke, Arkansas. Yeucch!

Asking if someone believes in Bigfoot is a lot like asking if they believe in Jesus. In both cases an affirmative answer tells you very little. In the case of Jesus, you have to follow up the question with several more: 'Are you Baptist, Catholic, Jehovah's Witness? Are you conservative or liberal?' With Bigfoot it is the same: 'Do you think that Bigfoot is an animal or a manimal? Is he a physical being or a spiritual being? Is he from the earth or from the stars?'

Some argue passionately that those who believe that Bigfoot is something more than a relic population of Gigantopithecus hurt the cause, making all Bigfoot believers look a little loony. Others argue that if Bigfoot science is going to put so much emphasis upon personal experiences and eyewitness accounts then it cannot ignore the incredible number of people who have claimed to experience Bigfoot as an intelligent, vocal, social being or as some sort of spirit being with powers far beyond those of humans. Sometimes the debate turns nasty. Each group accuses the others of being so blinded by their own preconceptions that they are unable to see the truth. One person rejects another's account because it does not match their own.

The Fouke Monster doesn't quite make it because it has three toes and because Smokey Crabtree claims to have its, obviously feline, carcass in a box. Jan Klement got a little too close to Kong for the comfort of some. He never should have told the story of how Kong had sex with a cow. Janice Carter Coy believes that the creatures can talk. Joan Ocean believes that they are spirit beings. For many in the Bigfoot community each of these versions of Bigfoot is suspect. The people making these claims are accused of being hoaxers or fools. The Bigfoot community is split into countless groups and organizations. It is Protestant sectarianism all over again.

When it comes to Bigfoot, just as with Jesus, there is a multitude of groups and individuals, each claiming to have possession of the one true faith.

The diversity of opinions about the nature of Bigfoot is probably a mark of the power of the belief in Bigfoot in the lives of these people. For a lot of people, Bigfoot is obviously more significant than lions and tigers and bears.

Bigfoot takes over lives.

Bigfoot moves in next door.

Bigfoot lives with families for generations.

Bigfoot speaks to the soul.

For some, Bigfoot is a forest god, leading our technological society away from our fallen ways and back toward the Garden of Eden. For others, Bigfoot is that secret part of ourselves, hidden from others, but central to who we are. For some, Bigfoot is the core of community, Bigfoot believers are like a church - people to gather with, who share our concerns, our hopes, and our dreams - people who share our fantasies and our realities.

And whatever the nature of Bigfoot turns out to be, whether physical or spiritual, whether terrestrial or cosmic, whether human or animal, whether fact or fantasy - the image of that hairy thing that lumbers out of the night is, for the true believers, clearly something beyond any of these dichotomies.

I don't know what that dead thing in Smokey Crabtree's box really is, but I do know that for many people, Bigfoot Lives!


Among the Arkansas Cave People

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