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On October 8, 1973, Time magazine reported on the growing influence of 'pyramid power' among both celebrities and common folk. It was reported that Gloria Swanson slept with a miniature pyramid under her bed, claiming that it made every cell in her body tingle. Actor James Coburn claimed to meditate regularly inside a pyramid-shaped tent and to place his cat and kittens on a bed placed over several tiny pyramids, theorizing that the kittens might grow up in some unique way because of the power of the pyramids. Time also reported that a Texas doctor claimed that microbes placed under a pyramid lived significantly longer than other microbes.

In 1973 Max Toth, president of the Toth Pyramid Company, was selling Pyramid Razor Blade Sharpeners, devices made of cardboard, for $3.50 each. Toth claimed that the device would more than pay for itself by extending the life of razor blades. Marketers of Toth's product claimed that the device could also be used to dehydrate small fish for display purposes. Patrick Flanagan, marketer of his own line of pyramid merchandise, claimed that the device improved his sexual sensitivity. The device was also claimed to dry fruit and vegetables and, conversely, freshen vegetables, restore stale coffee, mellow cheap wine, and improve the taste of cigarettes.

Flanagan himself sold Pyramid Energy Generators, small pyramids attached to a metal base, as well as the Cheops Pyramid Tent, which sold for $25. It was claimed that the tent was 'a good environment for transcendental meditation, biofeedback and yoga, in that 4 THE TENT WAS A it surrounds its inhabitants

GOOD ENVIRONMENT FOR with energy.' Flanagan claimed to sleep in his tent

TRANCENDENTAL MEDITATION, to improve sexual sensations, BIOFEEDBACK AND yOGA } but did not officially advertise the product with that claim. He did, however, claim that the pyramid was ideal for food storage. According to Flanagan, the geometric shape of the pyramid acts as a lens that focuses the energy from the earth's magnetic field. The pyramid power can be experienced both within the pyramid and as an emanation from the pyramid.

Of course, Time noted, not everyone will experience these results, as precision is required. Pyramids must be aligned to true magnetic north and their effectiveness may be lessened by placement too close to windows, radiators, fluorescent lights, radios, television sets, and other electronic devices.

Taking a slightly different approach, Christopher Dunn argues that pyramid power offers a convincing explanation for the true purpose of ancient pyramids, an explanation much better than the accepted notion that the pyramids were nothing more than tombs. Indeed, Dunn claims that the ancient pyramids were themselves power plants, used by the ancient Egyptians to power their advanced civilization. Dunn's theory of the pyramids' original purpose began on a trip to Egypt where he was able to examine pieces of granite from the pyramid construction. After examining one piece of granite in particular, Dunn concluded that the pyramid builders must have used 'machinery that followed precise contours in three axes to guide the tool that created it' (220). This artifact pushed Dunn to ponder not just the question of what tools were used to cut the stone, but the question of what was used to guide the cutting tools to achieve such precision. 'These discoveries,' he writes, 'have more implications for understanding the technology used by the ancient pyramid builders than anything heretofore uncovered' (220).

According to Dunn, granite artifacts discovered in Egypt demonstrate to the careful observer that the ancients must have used lathes, milling machines, ultrasonic drilling machines, and highspeed saws. In other words, the Egyptians used power tools to create the pyramids. This, of course, raises the question as to the source of this power. Where are the Egyptian power plants? If they existed why have they not been discovered? Simple analogies with present day power generation may point us in the right direction, says Dunn. Modern-day power plants are some of the largest construction projects completed by our civilization. They are also often located near a water source, for cooling and steam production. With these factors in mind, the pyramids would seem to be our first choice for investigation. Located near the Nile River, they are clearly the largest construction projects devised by the Egyptians. They are the logical candidates for the source of Egyptian power. Dunn writes, 'In light of all the evidence that suggests the existence of a highly advanced society utilizing electricity in prehistory, I began to consider seriously the possibility that the pyramids were the power plants of the ancient Egyptians' (223).

How might the pyramids have originally worked? Dunn notes that the earth's energy comes in various forms: mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, nuclear, and chemical. Each of these forms of energy is a source of sound. The energy of the earth generates different sound waves, each related to the type of energy creating it and the type of material through which it passes. This sound is outside the realm of human hearing, but is clearly present: 'What goes unnoticed as we go about our daily lives is our planet's inaudible fundamental pulse, or rhythm' (224). The pyramids might have worked by vibrating in harmony with the earth's fundamental frequency. According to Dunn, once the pyramid achieved the proper frequency, it 'became a coupled oscillator and could sustain the transfer of energy from the earth with little or no feedback' (225). The smaller pyramids at Giza might have been used to help the Great Pyramid to achieve this resonance, smaller pyramids being used to jump-start the larger.

Stephen S. Mehler finds support for Dunn's theory in what he sees as evidence for a large explosion in the Great Pyramid. He notes that Dunn had suggested that an industrial accident may have ended the pyramids role as a power source for the Egyptians. Mehler notes several features of the pyramid that would seem to support this claim. (

First, Mehler notes that the walls of the King's Chamber have separated from the floor and bulge outward, perhaps as the result of a great explosion. Second, a stone box in the chamber is a dark brown color, when it must have originally been the same rosy color as other examples of Aswan granite. This color change may be the result of intense heat. Third, the upper wall of the Grand Gallery shows dark stains that might be the result of heat from an explosion. Finally, there is evidence of explosions in other pyramids. For example, the northwest corner of the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur appears to have been blown away by an explosion. He writes, 'Most of the original casing stones are still intact, yet this one side seems to be blown off.'

Wayne Fenner offers another hypothesis concerning the function of the pyramids. He claims that: 'The Great Pyramid, and perhaps many other similarly huge pyramidions located throughout this planet's land surfaces, are part of a gigantic grid of sophisticated antennae, scientifically and mathematically designed, located and tuned to perform a specific set of communications tasks' (www.gizapyramid. com). The Great Pyramid may be the center of this earth-wide antenna array. Its internal architecture may have been specifically designed to hold equipment used for the tuning of the entire array to 'exact crystal-controlled electromagnetic frequencies.' The pyramids of the earth, tuned by the Great Pyramid of Giza, would function like a giant transmitter, sending signals deep into space.

We know, suggests Fenner, that the pyramid shape has great power. Indeed, a simple cardboard pyramid 'mummifies a half apple supported in its center, at about one-third of its height, while the other half apple placed outside the tetrahedron simply rots.' The power of the pyramid is concentrated by its four sloping sides and the energy is focused in 'the center of the combined perpendiculars of those edges.' We also know that pyramids have been discovered all around the earth, even underwater. These facts combined - the fact of pyramid power and the fact of their placement all over the globe - would seem to indicate that they were meant to function together as a powerful whole.

Of course, Fenner notes, an antenna array may have been only one of the many uses the ancients made of pyramids. It may be that the pyramids were part of a giant, prehistoric plan to genetically modify the life forms of the planet. Perhaps, scientists from another planet arrived on our earth in the ancient past, and concluded that this beautiful blue marble was a perfect biological test bed. They genetically modified existing life-forms, mixing some with parts from other creatures from Earth and elsewhere, creating unique and bizarre plants and animals, certain groups of which were sometimes transferred to isolated areas for long-term testing.

The power of the pyramids would not only have been used to help bring about genetic changes, but would also have served as a means to contact the aliens when the experiment was complete. The pyramids were thus built as 'an immensely powerful, planet-wide radio-frequency system to transmit atmospheric, meteorological and biological data extracted from various projects left behind, to their home planet.'

Of course, the function of the pyramids and the need for the use of precision power tools in their construction is not the only mystery that begs investigation. An even bigger mystery, perhaps, is the question of how the ancients managed to move the monumental stones. Mainstream Egyptologists claim that they were moved using human power, levers, and pulleys. Will Hart, writing in Forbidden History, is not convinced:

This is an intractable problem. As long as Egyptologists insist that men lifted up the cyclopean blocks of stone with nothing but brute force and ropes, this problem will need to be overcome. The rest of the construction formula of the Egyptologists is moot until this primary obstacle is dealt with. If they cannot or will not prove that it was accomplished as they claim, then it is time to go beyond challenging the rest of their baseless theories. (210)

The question is not how long did it take to build the pyramid, but rather could the ancients have built it with the tools and technology that mainstream Egyptologists insist upon? The answer is: certainly not.

In 'Levitation in the Great Pyramid?' an unnamed author addresses these questions directly. The author notes that levitation has been suggested as a possible explanation for this amazing feat ( Evidence is found for the use of levitation, first of all, in historical sources. According to the author, the tenth-century Arab historian, Masoudi, claimed that the Egyptians had used magic spells to move the stones. This type of magic is also reported in Mayan and Greek legends as well as in the Bible. The tumbling walls of Jericho, it is noted, might even be seen as a kind of levitation in reverse. Levitation may also have provided the means by which the ancient residents of Easter Island transported their huge stone monoliths.

More modern examples of the use of levitation are also available, including the story of John Keely, a resident of nineteenth-century Pennsylvania. Keely claimed to be able to levitate metal balls and other objects as well as to be able to disintegrate granite. The author finds this detail rather interesting:

Granite contains quartz, which is a crystal, and by causing the quartz to resonate at an extreme rate, it would cause the granite to break up or disintegrate. This rings a bell with some of the research and

Granite contains quartz, which is a crystal, and by causing the quartz to resonate at an extreme rate, it would cause the granite to break up or disintegrate. This rings a bell with some of the research and

The Anti Gravity Coral Castle
23. Coral Castle - was it built using ancient anti-gravity technology?

speculation that the granite in the King's Chamber and the possibility of it producing piezoelectric effects.

It is also reported that Keely produced his effects by using a mixture of copper, gold, platinum, and silver. To cause objects to levitate, Keely would blow a sustained note on his trumpet. Unfortunately, just as Keely was about to market his device an argument with his backers led to the destruction of his notes.

According to the author, a more recent bit of evidence for the power of levitation is the story of Edward Leedskalnin. Leedskalnin built a castle in Florida using blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons. The castle took 28 years to complete and was built by Leedskalnin without any additional manpower or powered machinery. It is suggested that Leedskalnin may have discovered a way to reverse the effects of gravity. Perhaps Leedskalnin produced a radio signal that would cause the coral to vibrate at its resonant frequency and then employed magnetic fields to 'flip the magnetic poles of the atoms so they were in opposition to the earth's magnetic field.' According to the author, it was undoubtedly through such means as these that the Egyptians were able to create their magnificent structures.

Not all pyramids are found in Egypt and South America, it seems. Bosnian-American Semir (Sam) Osmanagic claims that the world's oldest pyramid is found near Sarajevo. He calls it the 'Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.' According to Osmanagic, the Pyramid of the Sun, and other smaller pyramids in the area, date from around 12,000 B.C. The Pyramid of the Sun is described as larger than the Great Pyramid at Giza. The pyramid, known to locals as Visocica hill, does indeed resemble a pyramid, albeit one covered in vegetation. According to Osmanagic, the evidence for the ancient pyramid runs deeper than first impressions. Granted, the hill does possess a visually symmetric geometry - that is, it does look like a pyramid - but it is also oriented according to the four cardinal points of the compass. In addition, Osmanagic claims to have discovered tunnel systems and chambers within the hill, as well as evidence of stone-and-mortar construction.

4 perhaps leedskalnin produced a radio signal that would cause the coral to vibrate at its resonant frequency and then . . . flip the magnetic poles of the atoms 5

Dismissed by skeptics as nothing more than the remains of medieval roadways and buildings, Osmanagic is convinced the ruins are much older.

Though Osmanagic has been careful about giving away too much of his overarching theory of the origin of the Bosnian pyramid, evidence can be found in his online book, The Origin of the Maya ( In this book he argues that the Mayans are descendants of ancient Atlanteans who themselves came to our planet from the Pleiadean star system. Relying on the work of Le Plongeon, he believes that the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Mu represent the origins of human culture. From these original homelands, the Atlanteans spread their civilization around the world, including to Egypt and the Americas. Mayans, the last of the original Atlanteans to survive on the earth, returned to their cosmic home in the ninth century A.D., leaving behind clues to our future and their second coming. The past and future purpose of the Mayans is to:

adjust the Earthly frequency and bring it into accordance with the vibrations of our Sun. Once the Earth begins to vibrate in harmony with the Sun, information will be able to travel in both directions without limitation. And then we will be able to understand why all ancient peoples worshipped the Sun and dedicated their rituals to this. The Sun is the source of all life on this planet and the source of all information and knowledge. (6)

The pyramids that the Atlanteans built were erected on what Osmanagic calls 'energy potent points' and were used to gather and store the cosmic energy that bathes the earth. According to his theory, 'The pyramids erected on these energy potent locations enabled the Maya to be closer to the heavens and to other levels of consciousness' (70).

Assuming that Osmanagic still holds to his Atlantean theory, and he has to my knowledge never repudiated it, we can begin to understand the role he believes the Bosnian pyramid plays. Older than either the Egyptian or the Mayan pyramids, Osmanagic undoubtedly believes that the Pyramid of the Sun is the nearest we have ever come to locating the source of human culture. Since Atlantis and Mu are lost under tide and time, Bosnia represents the nearest we can come to the source of culture, to the Garden of Eden.

This is all made extremely important by Osmanagic's belief that the day of the Mayan/Atlanteans' return is soon approaching, a day when the pyramids of the earth shall again resonate with the vibrations of the earth:

And with a frequency in harmony, the Earth will, via the Sun, be connected with the center of our Galaxy. These facts become exceptionally important when we realize that we are rapidly approaching December 2012, a date which the Maya have marked as the time of arrival of the Galactic Energy Cluster which will enlighten us. (6)


The Mayan civilization shared with other cultures a penchant for the construction of magnificent pyramids. In recent years, however, the Mayans have gained more attention for their calendars than for their architecture. According to interpreters of the ancient Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 occupies a very special place in the history of humankind. According to John Major Jenkins, the Maya used two different calendar systems - a short calendar that measured periods of 13, 52, and 194 years, and a long calendar for measuring time on a much grander scale. According to Jenkins, the 'long count' calendar begins on the Mayan date of It is thought by many interpreters that this date corresponds to August 11, 3114 B.C. in the Gregorian calendar. The Mayan calendar comes to an end on, 5,125 years later, or December 21, 2012 (

According to Jenkins, the important date for the early Mayans was the end date. He claims that they first determined the end date, and then counted backward to establish their own place in the calendar. In order to count back from an end date that falls on the occasion of an equinox, like December 21, the Mayans must have tracked the precession of equinoxes. Jenkins writes:

The precession of the equinoxes, also known as the Platonic Year, is caused by the slow wobbling of the earth's polar axis. Right now this axis roughly points to Polaris, the 'Pole Star,' but this changes slowly over long periods of time. The earth's wobble causes the position of the seasonal quarters to slowly precess against the background of stars. For example, right now, the winter solstice position is in the constellation of Sagittarius. But 2000 years ago it was in Capricorn. Since then, it has precessed backward almost one full sign.

This slow change would amount to one degree every 72 years, a change that should be noticeable to careful record keepers, even in ancient times. Though many mainstream scholars deny the Mayans' knowledge of the precession of equinoxes, Jenkins thinks that there are many signs that would seem to indicate otherwise.

Jenkins also notes particular motifs in Mayan iconography that help us to understand the importance of December 21, 2012. This date, he argues, represents a close conjunction between the winter solstice sun with the crossing point of the galactic equator and the ecliptic - what the Mayans called the Sacred Tree. So, the Mayans predicted the coming convergence, saw it as a significant event, and thus used it to mark the end of their calendar. The ability of the Mayans to calculate this is something that Jenkins finds astounding:

It should be noted that because precession is a very slow process, similar astronomical alignments will be evident on the winter solstice dates within perhaps 5 years on either side of 2012. However, the accuracy of the conjunction of 2012 is quite astounding, beyond anything deemed calculable by the ancient Maya, and serves well to represent the perfect mid-point of the process.

Lawrence E. Joseph in Apocalyse 2012 is likewise amazed by the advanced state of ancient Mayan astronomy. He writes:

Ancient Mayan astronomy is anything but oojie-boojie. It is a staggering intellectual achievement, equivalent in magnitude to ancient Egyptian geometry or to Greek philosophy. Without telescopes or any other apparatus, Mayan astronomers calculated the length of the lunar month to be 29.53020 days, within 34 seconds of what we know to be its actual length of 29.54059 days. Overall, the two-thousand-year-old Mayan calendar is believed by many to be more accurate than the five-hundred-year-old Gregorian calendar we use today. (12)

Joseph goes on to argue that December 22, 2012, the day after the end, is the day on which the Mayan calendar starts over. December 22, 2012 will be, once again, the Mayan date Surely, Joseph and Jenkins both argue, the Mayans knew there was some significance in this date other than that marked by astronomical observations? Surely this day marks a radical transition in human history?

After centuries of observations, their astronomers came to the conclusion that on the winter solstice of 2012, 12/21/12, or

by what is known as their Long Count calendar, a new era in human history will commence. This 12/21/12 'stroke of midnight' begins a new age, just as the Earth's completion of its orbit around the Sun brings a new year at the stroke of midnight every January 1. (12)

Joseph expects the year 2012 to be a pivotal event in human history. Perhaps it will be catastrophic, perhaps revelatory - but it will be phenomenal.

In addition to the Mayan calendar's prediction, Joseph sees other evidence of a fast-approaching denouement to human history. Since the 1940s, and especially since 2003, the sun has exhibited an unusual amount of solar activity. Scientists predict it may reach its climax in 2012. These solar storms are related to storms on the earth. As 2012 approaches we can expect to see an increase in the number and severity of weather-related disasters. Furthermore, one of the earth's greatest defenses against solar flares is the magnetic field. The magnetic field has been diminishing, however - perhaps pointing to a catastrophic polar shift.

As if this isn't bad enough, Joseph also notes that Russian scientists believe that our solar system has entered an interstellar energy cloud. This cloud is damaging our sun and the atmosphere of our planet. They predict disasters on the earth in the years 2010 to 2012. Not all of the doomsayers are Russian. Berkeley physicists, who discovered that the dinosaurs were killed by a major meteor impact with the earth, believe that we are now long overdue for another such calamity. Furthermore the Yellowstone Supervolcano, which erupts every 600,000 to 700,000 years, is preparing to blow. This could result in the annihilation of nearly all of the earth's population. Joseph adds evidence from Eastern and Western religions to the depressing list. Both the I Ching and Hindu theology highlight the year 2012 as a critical year in the history of the world. This is also attested to by many indigenous religions, as well as the Bible and the Koran.

Not everyone sees 2012 in such depressing terms, however. Barry and Janae Weinhold, for example, are the founders of the Carolina Institute for Conflict Resolution and Creative Leadership. They look to 2012, not as a dark and ominous date, but as a time of great promise and hope. Janae writes:

When I think of this shift, I imagine a caterpillar who is unaware he is about to become a monarch butterfly. I see female Monarchs (God) laying us as eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves (Earth).

When we hatched as larvae earthlings, we fed on plant leaves (life) and now we are mature caterpillars. At some point, we get a signal that tells us that change is coming. The caterpillar stops what it has been doing and attaches itself upside down on a branch to spin a pupa or chrysalis that will contain it while it changes into a butterfly. Inside this chrysalis, the substance of caterpillar dissolves into a kind of primordial soup and the coding in its DNA changes it into a whole new being. This chrysalis becomes increasingly transparent during metamorphosis. Then it cracks open and the butterfly emerges. As its wings slowly dry out, it discovers it is no longer confined to crawling. It has wings to lift it into the sky to fly free to live in a whole new reality. Friends, this is what I believe is about to happen to you and me and all of humanity. I've been thinking about this shift for quite a while now and here is what I see. I see a lot of people who are receiving internal signals saying this metamorphosis is already happening. (

I've got to admit, that sounds a lot better.

Weinhold goes on to say that she refers to the process that is now approaching a climax as LOVEvolution. Unconditional love is a subtle or invisible energy that connects the worlds of spirit and matter. When a biological organism is filled with love, it divides and creates more cells to hold the love. This happens at both the basic level of couples having children, and the galactic level, where stars are born. Love transforms DNA and lifts the consciousness of the universe. This coming transformation, 2012, promises to be quite dramatic:

Our DNA is being reprogrammed to trigger our metamorphosis and activate our light body. Time is speeding up because of Earth's changing electromagnetic forces. Some believe that our 24 hour day has been condensed into a 16 hour day. It has become very clear about Earth's place in our solar system and how we are a part of Her. When she is affected by increases in energy coming from Galactic Center, so are we. She is a living being undergoing her own process of growth and transformation. Our development mirrors hers. We and Earth are raising our vibrational frequencies, which is slowly birthing us both into a dimension or reality.

24. The Extra Low Frequency Modulator.

I am having my vibrational frequency raised.

The Extraordinary Technology Conference allows inventors to demonstrate their devices to the public, and I have been enticed to receive a free treatment from a Multi-Wave Oscillator, operated by a tall smiling man dressed in a suit and tie. His device consists of two metal discs, about the size of dinner plates. The discs are painted black with concentric circles of silver. They are placed on either side of me as I sit in a folding chair. I have seen them working earlier and know that the discs will emit little sparks of electricity as they start to spin.

I see him flip a switch and I begin to feel a slight tingle, as if the hair on my arms and neck is standing up. It feels like static electricity on a cold winter morning. This doesn't feel too bad. After the near collision at the airport and my frantic drive across town to make it here, it is good to relax and let someone else worry about my vibrational frequency.

The operator moves his hand close to mine and I feel a spark jump between us. The air crackles a bit.

I am told that the device is emitting a wide band of electromagnetic frequencies. Every cell in my body is exposed to these vibrations. What this means is that the different cells of my body, which vibrate at different frequencies, are being exposed to the specific vibrations beneficial to them. Every cell in my body is being vibrated back to its original frequency. Youth is being restored!

But there is more.

The device also serves as an Extra Low Frequency Generator and is actually able to emulate my brainwaves. With practice and meditation it will allow me to artificially alter my brainwaves to reach any desired brain frequency. With it I could achieve a variety of spiritual and psychic effects. The device can even alter my brainwaves so that I may achieve contact with Space Brothers and Sisters. The power of my prayers can be amplified. By stimulating the psychic frequency (7.83 Hz) I can even gain the ability to communicate telepathically with others.

And if I buy it today, I will also get a Violet Ray Wand for the same price. By attaching the Violet Ray Wand to the Multi-Wave Oscillator, the machine's healing energies can be applied to specific body parts or problem areas. It can be used to massage sore feet and muscles and can be applied directly to the breasts and prostate.

2012 suddenly can't come soon enough.

2012 mania seems to be everywhere. Perhaps it is not yet as intense as 'The Millennium' but I suspect that it might yet reach those levels. While there are some, like the Weinholds, who look to this date as a time of glorious change, most seem to approach it with dread. I suppose that it says a lot about the greatness of our own culture that our apocalypses always seem to end badly. When things are bad, people tend to look for the coming judgment day as a time of recompense and salvation. For the oppressed and the suffering, the coming of Jesus is a hope and a promise. It is for the fortunate that his coming is associated with terror - it means that the good things we now have are to be taken away.

It seems that much of the belief in ancient technology is driven by a sense of coming apocalypse - in the bad sense, not the good.

If civilizations in the ancient past could have achieved the same level of greatness that we possess today, or maybe more, and then plummeted from those heights into a pre-modern condition, then the same is possible for us, perhaps even likely. If one thinks of human history as progressive, and believes that, at least in part because of our technology, we are living in the most advanced age of human development, then it is easy to imagine things just getting better and better. Maybe we will, one day, arrive at a glorious utopian age. If, however, history is not progressive, if there have been civilizations as great as ours in the ancient past, then it is possible that we will follow in their footsteps. We too may reach the pinnacle of progress, just to fall backwards again. Our great technology may one day be forgotten, as the human race has to start all over again. In ancient India, the destruction may have been caused by their technology - their use of atomic weapons. In ancient Egypt, the explosion in the Great Pyramid indicates a similar technological disaster.

I suppose that this isn't a bad message for us to hear. If nothing else, it can serve as a reminder that progress is not inevitable, that things can go terribly wrong. It is a reminder that we should respect our technology and neither abuse it nor come to depend on it completely. It is a message of humility. Even our great civilization can pass away, like the great civilizations of the Ramans, the Egyptians, and the Mayans.

If it happened to them, it can happen to us.


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