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Even with the power of shapes and multi-wave oscillation, the 2007 Extraordinary Technology Conference is a bit of a downer. On the day that the conference began, the Salt Lake City Weekly ran a cover story that is near to the heart of many of the participants here. The demonstrations continue and the lectures remain on topic, but there is an undercurrent of discussion. I overhear it in the hallways and catch hints of it from the presenters. The newspaper story is entitled 'Fuel Injected Lunatic: Inventor Paul Pantone hoped to save the world. Now, will the world save him?' I read through it for the third time while waiting for another session to begin. Many of the people seated around me are doing the same.

Pantone is the inventor of GEET - Global Environmental Energy Technology. Pantone's GEET device replaces the carburetor on automobiles and is reported to increase gas mileage and reduce harmful emissions. From what I can gather, Pantone has long been an active participant in the Extraordinary Technology group and the Tesla Tech Institute that sponsors it. He pleaded guilty in 2004 to two charges of security fraud. Before his sentencing, however, the judge committed Pantone to the state mental hospital for evaluation. The newspaper article reports that court records show that Pantone 'exhibits grandiose and persecutory delusions, complicated by a personality disorder and a history of substance abuse.' He is thus unable to stand trial for his sentencing.

To complicate matters, Pantone has refused to take prescribed medications, which are believed to be necessary to return him to mental health. Until Pantone agrees to take the medication, he must remain in the mental hospital. If he takes the medication he goes to jail. The article notes that the symptoms exhibited by Pantone that lead mental health professionals to block his release seem to center around a set of core beliefs that Pantone holds and espouses.

Pantone believes that he has invented a technology that will, in essence, allow automobiles to run on water. He also believes that this technology has the potential to save the world from ecological and economic disaster. He fears that the authorities are aggressively trying to discredit him, because of the very real threat that he poses to their wealth, power, and privilege. There is also a confusing bit about Pantone believing that his technological innovation was a gift given to him by an angel, or perhaps only that he thinks of his current wife as an angel given by God to stand beside him in his time of need. It is all very confusing, but apparently in the state of Utah believing that you have been sent by an angel on a mission to save the world is enough to get you committed to a mental institution.

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