Teslas Amazing Inventions

According to some, Tesla's greatest inventions are being kept from us by powerful government and capitalistic interests. For example, it is believed that Tesla's discovery of free energy has the potential to transform the world and usher in a new age, yet this technology is kept under wraps by the authorities, who are afraid that it will destroy their economic interests. One of the most passionate defenders of free, or 'zero-point,' energy is Tom Bearden. In his article 'The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Free Electrical Energy,' Bearden describes the importance of Tesla's discoveries. According to Bearden, Tesla's electromagnetic (EM) theory drastically changes quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, and relativity theory. Indeed, our present EM theory is really 'just a special case of a much more fundamental electromagnetics discovered by Nikola Tesla, just as Newtonian physics is a special case of the relativistic physics. But in the new electromagnetics case, the differences between the old and the new are far more drastic and profound' (www.totse.com).

Bearden believes that there are free-energy solutions to our energy problems. It is crucial that we begin work on these solutions immediately, because the 'present energy paradigm' has failed. This present paradigm says that we must consume fuel in order to generate energy and that this consumption of fuel must come at some expense to the environment. As long as we continue to look for solutions within that paradigm, we will fail. Based on the work of Tesla and others, Bearden argues that we must simply abandon this paradigm: 'One does not have to consume fuel in order to obtain energy! Spacetime/vacuum itself is the greatest energetic source in the universe, with more energy in a cubic centimeter of space than the Earth consumes in a million years' (www.cheniere.org). Indeed, Bearden himself has already completed the foundational work on this technology and has patented the Motionless Electro-Magnetic Generator. This device is claimed to output between 5 and 20 times more energy than it uses.

In addition to his free energy discoveries, Tesla is also known for the death ray. According to David Hatcher Childress, the ray worked in relation to a charged tower. If any ship or airplane entered the electric field generated by the tower, their electrical system would be destroyed by a beam of high-energy particles. Tesla and Childress also claim that this energy could be transmitted over great distances and with great precision. They write: 'Such a transmitter would be capable of projecting the energy of a nuclear warhead by radio. Any location in the world could be vaporized at the speed of light' (253). Childress believes that Tesla successfully tested the death ray on one occasion, June 30, 1908. On this date a horrific explosion occurred near the Stony Tunguska River in Siberia. The explosion is reported to have flattened half a million acres of pine forest. While some have suggested that this event was caused by a meteor that exploded just prior to impact, Childress believes that the Tunguska Event was the result of a test firing of Tesla's death ray. It is believed that knowledge of Tesla's death ray has been controlled by the U.S. government and that much of the research related to the Strategic Defense Initiative or 'Star Wars' missile defense system was based on Tesla's death ray technology.

The U.S. government has also made use of another of Tesla's amazing inventions. Jeane Manning and Nick Begich argue in the book Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, that Tesla Technology, used not as he intended but rather for the purposes of evil, is at the heart of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP, a joint project of the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy, based in Alaska, uses Tesla Technology to manipulate

4 a transmitter would be capable of projecting the energy of a nuclear warhead by radio. any location . . . could be vaporized at the speed of light 5

the ionosphere: 'Put simply, the apparatus is a reversal of a radio telescope - just transmitting instead of receiving. It will "boil the upper atmosphere." After disturbing the ionosphere, the radiations will bounce back onto the earth in the form of long waves which penetrate our bodies, the ground, and the ocean' (8). According to the authors, many 'technological notes' can be played on the HAARP equipment. It can be used to manipulate global weather - for example, the current phenomenon of global warming is attributed to the use of HAARP technology. The device can be used to destroy ecosystems, knock out electronic communications equipment, and, perhaps most diabolical of all, to alter our moods and mental states. HAARP technology could be used to decide elections, sell products, and foment wars.

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