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The first story to surface following the Sasquatch revival of 1957 was told by William Roe, a resident of Cloverdale, British Columbia. John Green, owner and editor of a local weekly newspaper, asked Roe to put his story in the form of a sworn affidavit. According to this sworn account, Roe's encounter with one of the creatures took place in October 1955. Working on a highway construction project that cut through the wilderness, Roe decided to take a break and explore the area, particularly an abandoned mine some five miles from the construction site. He caught sight of the mine at around three in the afternoon. As he walked into a clearing he caught sight of something else.

I saw what I thought was a grizzly bear, in the brush on the other side . . . I could just see the top of the animal's head and the top of one shoulder. A moment later it raised up and stepped out into the opening. Then I saw that it was not a bear. (Green, 9)

The creature stood about six feet tall, was about three feet wide, and weighed around three hundred pounds. It was completely covered with dark brown, silver-tipped hair. As it approached Roe he could tell by its breasts that the creature was a female. Despite the presence of breasts, its body shape was 'not curved like a female's' but 'straight from shoulder to hip.' The creature's arms were much bigger than a human's and longer, reaching practically to the knees. The feet were broad, five inches at the front and narrowing toward the heels. 'When it walked it placed the heel of its foot down first, and I could see the gray-brown skin or hide on the soles of its feet.' Roe's description continued:

The head was higher at the back than at the front. The nose was broad and flat. The lips and chin protruded farther than its nose. But the hair that covered it, leaving bare only the parts of the face around the mouth, nose, and ears, made it resemble an animal as much as a human. None of its hair, even on the back of its head was longer than an inch, and that on its face was much shorter. Its ears were shaped like a human's ears. But its eyes were small and black, like a bear's. And its neck was unhuman. Thicker and shorter than any man's I had ever seen. (9-10)

Soon, the creature became aware of Roe's presence and began to walk back the way it had come. Roe wrote, 'For a moment it watched me over its shoulder as it went, not exactly afraid, but as though it wanted no contact with anything strange' (10).

Roe thought momentarily about shooting the creature with his rifle but decided against it, considering its human-like qualities. After the creature left he examined its scat and found no evidence of anything other than a vegetarian diet. He also found the place where it had bedded for the night. He found no indication of tools or technology.

Following the publication of this account in the local newspaper, Albert Ostman came forward with his story of a Sasquatch encounter. Unlike Roe's account, Ostman's took place many years before, in 1924, and seems reminiscent of the accounts published at that time by Burns. Ostman claimed that while dozing in his sleeping bag deep in the woods on a prospecting trip he was suddenly awakened by something lifting him in the air. Thinking at first that he might be in a snow slide or that someone had placed him on a horse, he slowly realized that he was being carried by something walking on two legs.

Unable to reach his knife and cut his way out of the sleeping bag, Ostman was forced to go along for the ride, clutching his rifle. After some while he could tell that he was traveling uphill. Whoever, or whatever, was carrying him began to breathe deeply and let out a slight cough. It was then that Ostman knew he had been captured by a Sasquatch. After a long journey, uphill and down, Ostman was dropped to the ground. He worked his way out of his sleeping bag and looked around:

It was still dark, I could not see what my captors looked like. I tried to massage my legs to get some life in them, and get my shoes on. I could hear now it was at least four of them, they were standing around me, and continuously chattering. I had never heard of Sasquatch before the Indian told me about them. But I knew I was right among them . . . I asked, 'What you fellows want with me?' Only some more chatter. It was getting lighter now, and I could see them quite clearly. I could make out forms of four people. Two big and two little ones. They were all covered with hair and no clothes on at all . . . They looked like a family, old man, old lady and two young ones, a boy and a girl. The boy and the girl seemed to be scared of me. The old lady did not seem too pleased about what the old man dragged home. But the old man was waving his arms and telling them all what he had in mind. They all left me then. (Green, 14)

Fortunately, Ostman had plenty of food in a backpack he had stored in the bottom of his sleeping bag. He also had a knife, some matches, and rifle shells.

According to Ostman, the old female was very meek, the young male was downright friendly, and the young female seemed harmless.

Unlike Roe's female, this creature's chest was 'flat like a boy's.' Ostman believed that, given the chance, he could have transported the young female back to civilization, and then placed her in a cage for public display. As he was able to observe them up close, Ostman was able to offer a rather detailed description of the Sasquatch:

The young fellow might have been between 11-18 years old and about seven feet tall and might weigh about 300 lbs. His chest would be 50-55 inches, his waist about 36-38 inches. He had wide jaws, narrow forehead, that slanted upward round at the back about four or five inches higher than the forehead. The hair on their heads was about six inches long. The hair on the rest of their body was short and thick in places.

The women's hair on the forehead had an upward turn like some women have - they call it bangs, among women's hair-do's. The old lady could have been anything between 40-70 years old. She was over seven feet tall. She would be about 500-600 pounds. She had very wide hips, and a goose-like walk. She was not built for beauty or speed. Some of those lovable brassieres and uplifts would have been a great improvement on her looks and her figure.

The man's eyeteeth were longer than the rest of the teeth, but not long enough to be called tusks. The old man must have been near eight feet tall. Big barrel chest and big hump on his back - powerful shoulders, his biceps on upper arm were enormous and tapered down to his elbows. His forearms were longer than common people have, but well proportioned. His hands were wide, the palm was long and broad, and hollow like a scoop. His fingers were short in proportion to the rest of his hand. His fingernails were like chisels. (16)

Ostman's escape from the creatures came as a result of the creatures' interest in his can of snuff. After watching Ostman place a large portion of the tobacco in his mouth, the 'old man' grabbed the box away from him and emptied its contents into his own mouth. He then licked the inside of the box with his tongue. The results were astonishing. In just a few minutes Ostman could see the 'old man's' eyes rolling over in his head. He was sick. The creature grabbed a can of cold coffee and drank it down, grounds and all. He then put his head between his legs and rolled away from Ostman, beginning to squeal. Ostman saw this as his chance, grabbed his rifle, and began to run. He fired one shot at the adult female who was in pursuit, turning her back. Ostman then made his escape, and after some difficulty found his way back to civilization.

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