The Nikola Tesla Story

If there is anyone more influential than Reich in the field of alternative technology, it is certainly Nikola Tesla, famed inventor and champion of alternating current. Unlike Reich, Tesla's influence extends beyond the importance of any particular invention or discovery, like Reich's orgone. Tesla's influence is closer to a cult of personality. For example, in 1959 Margaret Storm released Return of the Dove, a self-published volume printed in green ink. In this book Storm claimed that Nikola Tesla was really from the planet Venus. According to Storm, Tesla was born on a space-ship en route from Venus to earth, where he was placed in the adoptive care of Jonathan and Martha Kent, I mean Milutin and Djouka Tesla.

Storm claims that the information regarding Tesla's true origins was revealed in 1947 to Arthur H. Matthews of Quebec, an electrical engineer who had been associated with Tesla from boyhood. It was

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to Matthews that Tesla had entrusted two of his greatest inventions prior to his death - the Tesla interplanetary communications set and the Tesla anti-war device. Tesla also left special instructions to Otis T. Carr of Baltimore, who used this information to develop free-energy devices capable of 'powering anything from a hearing aid to a spaceship.' (73)

Storm offers additional evidence for the extraterrestrial nature of Tesla. For example, Tesla had very long hands, with unusually long thumbs. His hands were extremely sensitive and carried strong etheric currents. He had the ability to see 'the murky gray astral matter which exuded from the hands of the ordinary person, an effluvia of filth so sticky that it will adhere to the etheric structure of another person - even an individual occupying a body of high vibrations. For this reason, Tesla always dreaded shaking hands' (83). I can imagine so.

While on earth, Tesla clearly understood his mission as preparing the planet earth for the space age:

Tesla had obviously agreed to come to the earth as a volunteer worker to assist in launching the New Age which he knew to be synonymous with the Space Age. It is perfectly apparent that Ascended Master Saint Germain had to bring in people from other planets, people with knowledge of outer space conditions, to handle major aspects of the planned program.

Tesla was designated to work on the third Ray of Love-in-Action, for that is the Ray which supplies our atmosphere with electricity. (77)

When he agreed to come to earth on this mission, Tesla was agreeing to bring light to the earth.

Unfortunately the United States misused the gifts that Tesla offered. The greatest injustice came when Tesla's alternating current technology was used to power an electric chair for the New York State Prison system. This was 'an all-out effort to lower the planetary vibrations by using electricity, the Third Aspect of God, or the Holy Spirit, to electrocute condemned prisoners' (125). Since America allowed Tesla's gift to be misused, it is America that will pay the karmic debt, through a decline in scientific advancement.

Storm's account does not end on this note of despair, however, for she knows that Tesla continues to work for the good of the earth, even after his death. Though Tesla is now deceased, he continues his research in the scientific department of the underground kingdom of Shambala (74). There, he works alongside his 'Twin-Ray, the White Dove, who was his constant companion on earth.' He shares his ideas and discoveries with chosen ones on the surface, like Otis T. Carr. It is through the work of such disciples that Tesla's work goes on toward the dawning of the New Age. In this New Age, 'Tesla Technology' will prevail: 'In the New Age only new age methods will be utilized. Very soon now will come the big planetary housecleaning. Then down will come all the cables, conduits, wires and posts, which the public is now paying to have installed. What fools these mortals be!' (132).

Tesla's technology, through Carr's free-energy device, will revolutionize the world. Instead of purchasing power from the large corporations, which is then delivered to our homes via wires and cables, the new technology consists of nothing more than a small antenna that will be attached to the roof of every building:

The antenna will pick up a beamed supply of current, just as a radio picks up a broadcasted program. Inside the home or building the electrical service units such as lights, irons, stoves, adding machines, typewriters, and so forth, will be free from wires and plugs for wall outlets. The units will pick up the necessary current beamed from the antenna. (132)

Truly, this will be a golden age.

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