The Philadelphia Experiment

According to conspiracy writer Commander X, Tesla's first experience with time travel occurred in March of 1895:

A reporter for the New York Herald wrote on March 13 that he came across the inventor in a small café, looking shaken after being hit by 3.5 million volts, 'I am afraid,' said Tesla, 'that you won't find me a pleasant companion tonight. The fact is I was almost killed today. The spark jumped three feet through the air and struck me here on the right shoulder. If my assistant had not turned off the current instantly it might have been the end of me.'

Tesla, on contact with the resonating electromagnetic charge, found himself outside his time-frame reference. He reported that he could see the immediate past, present and future, all at once. But he was paralyzed within the electromagnetic field, unable to help himself. His assistant, by turning off the current, released Tesla before any permanent damage was done. A repeat of this very incident would occur years later during the Philadelphia Experiment. (www.

Commander X explores these later events in Philadelphia in his publication The Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles: Exploring the Strange Case of Alfred Bielek and Dr. M.K. Jessup, a work that relies heavily upon the earlier work of Gray Barker. This strange story begins in the 1950s when Morris K. Jessup, U.F.O. researcher and author of The Case for the UFO, reportedly received word that an annotated copy of his book had been sent to the Office of Naval Research. The annotations were written with three different types of ink and apparently by three different hands. The Air Force was so intrigued by the annotated book that 25 copies of the text were produced by the Varo Company of Garland, Texas. A copy of the Varo edition was given to Jessup by representatives of the Air Force. The annotations were, to say the least, strange. Commander X reproduces just a bit of the text from the preface:

(From Jessup's original work) The subject of UFO's in its present state is like astronomy in that it is purely observational 'science,' not an experimental one; necessarily, therefore, it must be based on observation and not on experiment. Observation, in this case, consists of everything which can be found to have bearing on the subject. There are thousands of references to it in ancient literature, but the authors did not know that their references had any bearing, for the subject did not then exist. The writers were recording such things as met their senses solely through an honest effort to report inexplicable observational data.

(From the annotations) Hoping, in those days, that something would 'come of it.' Nowadays, Science is afraid that 'Something Will Come of it.' It will, too. IN 1956 or 57 the Air force Will have Ships LIKE these in appearance & Will 'feel' safe to announce that Human eyes Have seen Saucers from outer Space But to Not be Worried because 'We to have these Ships' Oh! Brother What a farce! ours will be JET propelled not M. propelled. (31)

This whole experience, as you might imagine, left Jessup wondering both what these strange notations could possibly mean and why the Air Force would have any interest in them. It was not long before Jessup had even more to wonder about. In January of 1956, Jessup received the first of several letters from a man identifying himself variously as Carlos Miguel Allende, Carl M. Allen, and Carl Allen. Because of the erratic pattern of punctuation and capitalization, Jessup was convinced that Allende was the author of the earlier annotations. Though more than a little difficult to interpret, these letters appeared to Jessup and others to make several important claims. First, the following:

My Dear Dr. Jessup, Your invocation to the Public that they move en Masse upon their Representatives and have thusly enough Pressure placed at the right & sufficient Number of Places where from a Law demanding Research into Dr. Albert Einsteins Unified Field Theory May be enacted (1925-1927) is Not at all Necessary. It May Interest you to know that The Good Doctor Was Not so Much influenced in his retraction of that Work, by Mathematics, as he most assuredly was by Humantics. (36)

In other words, despite what we are told by mainstream science, Einstein did arrive at a Unified Field Theory but kept that a secret due to his concern for humanity. Indeed, his theory has already been put to the test by Navy researchers:

YET, THE NAVY FEARS TO USE THE RESULT. The Result was & stands today as Proof that The Unified Field Theory to a certain extent is correct. Beyond that certain extent No Person in his right senses, or having any senses at all, Will evermore dare to go . . . The 'result' was completed invisibility of a ship, Destroyer type, and all of its crew. While at Sea. (Oct. 1943) The Field Was effective in an oblate spheroidal shape, extending one hundred yards (More or Less, due to Lunar position & Latitude) out from each beam of the ship. Any Person Within that sphere became vague in form BUT He too observed those Persons aboard that ship as though they were of the same state, yet were walking upon nothing. Any person without that sphere could see Nothing save the clearly Defined shape of the Ships Hull in the Water, PROVIDING of course, that this person was just close enough to see, yet barely outside of that field. Half of the officers & the crew of that Ship are at present, Mad as Hatters. A few, are even Yet, confined to certain areas where they may receive trained Scientific aid when they, either, 'Go Blank' or 'Go Blank' & Get Stuck.' Going-Blank IE an after effect of the Man having been within the field too Much, IS Not at all an unpleasant experience to Healthily Curious Sailors. However it is when also, they 'Get Stuck' that they call in 'HELL' INCORPORATED' The Man thusly stricken can Not Move on his own volition unless two or More of those who are within the field go & touch him, quickly, else he 'Freezes.' If a Man Freezes, His position Must be Marked out carefully and then the Field is cut-off . . . It takes only an hour or so Sometimes all Night & Day Long & Worse It once took 6 months, to get the Man 'Unfrozen'. (37-8)

So, Allende's story seems to be that in October of 1943 the Navy conducted a test of Einsteins' 'unified field' upon a destroyer. The result was that both ship and crew became invisible. Some of the crew suffered strange effects that continued after the experiment was completed. These effects he calls 'going blank' and 'getting stuck' or 'freezing.' Allende goes on in this and later letters to Jessup to note that the men who freeze experience time differently than the rest of us. These men refer to the experiences as 'Caught in the Flow,' 'Stuck in the Green,' 'Stuck in Molasses,' or 'Going Fast.'

There are very few survivors of this experience. Some went insane. One simply walked through a wall, in plain sight of family and friends, and disappeared forever. Two survivors 'went into the flame.' According to Allende, 'THEY BURNED FOR 18 DAYS' (39). Allende also notes that when the ship disappeared from its dock in Philadelphia it appeared, only a few minutes later, in 'the Norfolk, Newport News, Portsmouth area' (41). It was clearly identified there and then quickly returned to Philadelphia.

Not long after receiving these letters from Allende, Jessup was found dead, officially having taken his own life. Commander X and others, however, believe that he was murdered:

No matter what anyone says, I have good reason to know that Dr. Jessup did NOT take his own life as we have been led to believe, but that he was a 'victim' of 'circumstances.'

Apparently, from classified documents I have seen, Jessup was on the verge of getting someone in the Navy to cooperate with him. This individual was going to cooperate with him. This individual was going to provide all the evidence to prove to the world that the Philadelphia Experiment really did take place. This is the reason Dr. Jessup was SILENCED. If he had lived all this would be out in the open a long time ago. (48)

Following Jessup's death, the story of what came to be called 'The Philadelphia Experiment' continued to develop. It was helped along by a best-selling book by Charles Berlitz and a 1984 motion picture. Things really began to get interesting again, however, in 1989. Commander X reports that it was in that year that: 'a mysterious individual walked up to the microphone at Tim Beckley's annual New Age/UFO fest in Phoenix, Arizona, and shocked the many hundreds in attendance by claiming to have been a survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment' (62).

Al Bielek offered many of the missing details regarding the Philadelphia Experiment, officially called Project Rainbow, including an explanation for the weird effects experienced by the ship's crew. According to Bielek, every human being is born with a set of 'time locks:'

The soul is locked to that point in the stream of time when conception takes place so everything flows forward at a normal rate of flow at the time function, mainly the fourth dimension. So you're part of society from day to day. When you wake up at the proper time, you know all the same people, everything's the same, and you haven't slipped into another reality overnight. You're locked into a time span. (67)

Unfortunately the Philadelphia Experiment had ruptured the time locks of the individuals involved. The experiment was carried out by bombarding the ship with energy from four large Tesla Coil devices. Again, Commander X reproduces Bielek's account:

No one in history to that point had ever subjected a human being to such incredibly intense power fields, much less such incredibly intense magnetic fields. Nobody had any idea what would happen. Nobody gave it any consideration except Tesla, who knew something was going to happen . . . It did, of course. They wound up with insane people; they wound up with some people who lost their time locks, walked through nowhere and disappeared forever. They had others who were less fortunate. Four of them who had moved from their original position wound up in the steel deck . . . When the fields collapsed and their time locks were gone, if they had, unfortunately, changed position, drifted and rematerialized in our dimension, our universe (because they were out of it) at a slightly different place or were unfortunate enough to be where the steel decking was, the steel of the deck literally melded with the molecules of the body. Not a very pleasant way to die. (68)

Over time, the researchers realized that they would need help from an electronic computer to synchronize all of the factors exactly and prevent another disaster. By 1953 they were ready to test again with another ship and another crew. This time it was successful. The program was renamed Project Phoenix and led to the development of much of today's stealth technology. It also led, through a rather circuitous route, to experiments in mind control.

On August 12, 1983, operating from an 'abandoned' military base in Montauk, New Jersey called Fort Hero, Project Phoenix 'locked into the Philadelphia Experiment:'

4 some people who lost their time locks, walked through nowhere and disappeared forever . . . others were less fortunate 5

What happened to the Phoenix Project? It crashed that night, a night of horror in which a well-described monster looking much like an 'abominable' snowman, a Sasquatch, which was described (depending upon how panicked people were who saw it) as 12 to 30 feet high. It went around smashing buildings and people. So the director of the project at that time - it was Jack Pruett - said 'We've got to shut this station down.' (70)

Unfortunately, shutting the station down proved to be impossible; the equipment kept working even when the main power cables were

According to Bielek, this date, August 12, was critically important. For on this date all four of earth's biorhythms peaked at the same time. This had happened on August 12, 1943, 1963, and 1983. Hence the synchronicity between the Philadelphia Experiment of August 12, 1943 and August 12, 1983, and the importance of Al Bielek's role in the whole affair.

Al Bielek claims that he was not born Al Bielek. He was born Edward Cameron on August 4, 1916. He earned a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard and soon thereafter joined the Philadelphia Experiment, then under the direction of Nikola Tesla. It was as Edward Cameron that Bielek participated in the famed event of August 12, 1943. He relates his experience:

As the experiment wound down, my brother and I walked on deck to see all hell breaking loose. It was horrible. Two sailors were embedded in the deck, two embedded in the bulk head. One sailor has his hand embedded in the steel, which had to be amputated in place. He was the only one who lived and now has an artificial hand. (86)

Cameron/Bielek and his brother tried in vain to shut down the power supply. When this failed they jumped overboard:

Then we got the surprise of our lives. Instead of landing in the water as you might think, we landed standing up in a military installation in Montauk, New Jersey at Fort Hero - and not in 1943 as one might presume, but 40 years in the future. It was now 1983. (87)

Cameron/Bielek and his brother were told that they had to be returned to their proper time. The Philadelphia Project and the Phoenix Project were locked into a hyperspace bubble. The brothers had to return to 1943 to destroy the experiment:

We were placed in a time tunnel and the juice turned on. When we returned to the Eldridge we saw people burning on deck and general mass hysteria. We immediately went in to the control room and axed the equipment. As the machines were winding down - but before the field actually collapsed - (my brother) Duncan again jumped overboard and landed back in 1983. He aged at approximately one year per hour and quickly died of old age . . . Duncan was reborn in 1951, sired by our father Alexander Cameron, and his fifth wife. I remained on the ship and returned to 1943. (88)

In time, however, the authorities decided that Cameron/Bielek was a security risk. He was arrested and charged with espionage in 1947. He was then taken to Fort Hero and transported through time back to 1983. He was then sent back to 1927 to be born as Al Bielek. It was not until Bielek saw the motion picture version of the Philadelphia Experiment that the memories of his other life came flooding back. Subsequently Bielek has been instrumental in producing literature related to the Montauk Project - a project reportedly conducted at Montauk, New Jersey and related to the Philadelphia Experiment, mind control, and time travel. My head hurts.

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