The Last Aibitar

Preface v

Contributors v:

1 Developmcm iind Chiracten/ation of Mouse Hybrid om,is

Eugene Mechetner , 1

2 Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies

Mit riet Dan¿t-iiu and Ac him Knappik 15

1 Soluble Fe Fusion ProLeins ior Biomedical Research Meg t, Flanagan, Robyn Ar im, Pcisheng Hu,

Leslie A, Khawli, und Ahn L, Epstein „.,,..,„,,.,,..„.,,.„..,„,,.„ 33

4 The Use of the Antibodies in rhe Diagnosis of Leukemia and Lymphoma by Flow Cytometry Mohammad-Reza Sheikholesfomi, Irtwn ff. Jifanh und Mäher Atbitar „..„.,„.,„,,.„ 53

5 Quantification of Surface Antimons and Quantitative Flow Cytometry Huai En Huang Chan, Iman B. ftlani, Richard Chang, and Mäher 65

b CDU and CDl ü txpression of Granulocytes as Markers for the Functioning of the Immune System: Quantification of the Lxpresiion of Membrane Molecules Using 1:1-Labeled Monoclonal Antibodies and How Cytometry Patrick Schroeter, Arnim Sablotzki, and Dagmar Reimann 71

7 Monitoring Cell Signalii y Pathways by Quanlitalic e Ffow Cytometry Huai En Huang Chan, I man fl. filani, Richard Chang.

and Maher Atbitar 83

8 Antibodies iind Imrnunohistochcmical Fva I notion for the Diagnosis or Hcmarolo^ cnl MaIignancics: An Overview

Dennis P, O'Maitey md Attilio Qrazi 91

9 Bead-liased Multianalyte flow Immunoassays;

I he Cytometric Bead Array System Rudolf Varro, Roy Chen, Homero Sepuiveda, and John Apgar 125

10 Col I-Free Read-Rased Detection of Total and Phosphorylated Proteins in Plasma find Cell Lysate;: Detection of FLT'j

Huai En Huang Chan, Iman B, fiiani, Richard Chang,.

and Maher Aibitar 153

11 Measuring Humanized Antibodies irt Plasma of Patients Treated With Ant ¡body-Based Therapy Using Bead-Based Flow Cytometry: The Story of Alemtuzumab Huai En Huang Chan, I man B. fiiani, Richard Chang, and Maher Aibitar 159

12 Deteelion oi Chrümosome TransIocatior>s by Uead-Ujsed Flow Cytometry Huai En Huang Chan, iman B. fHani, Richard Chang, and Maher Aibitar 167

13 Detection of the MDR1 F-C.tycofjrotei n

Expression and Function Eugene Mechetner 175

14 Detection of Human Antibodies Generated Against Therapeutic

Antibodies Used in Tumor Therapy fochen Reinsberg 195

1 5 Measuring Allergen-Specific IgE:

Where have We Keen and Where Are We CoingS M. Michael Gloi sky 205

index 221

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