IHC of Lymphoid Tissues

One useful approach to the evaluation of lymphoid tissues is to examine it in terms of "functional" compartments. Using lymph node as the archetype, the

Fig. 9. CD34 expression in a cluster of cells, highlighting abnormal localization of immature precursors in a case of myelodysplastic syndrome.
Fig. 10. Hypoplastic myelodysplastic syndrome with increased CD34 expression in blasts. Inset: H&E section of same case.

lymphoid tissue can be divided into several components. The first of these is the lymphoid follicle, which is predominantly composed of B-cells. Additionally, there is the interfollicular compartment, composed of a mixture of both B- and T-cells, with predominance of the latter. Then, there are the lymphoid sinuses, other distinctive components of the lymph node include the medullary cords, the stromal framework, and other functional areas.

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