Meg L Flanagan Robyn S Arias Peisheng Hu Leslie A Khawli and Alan L Epstein


As a source of recombinant antigen, soluble constant fragment (Fc) fusion proteins have become valuable reagents for immunotherapy and laboratory investigations. Additional applications for these reagents include flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and in vitro activity assays. To aid investigators in the generation of these reagents, the materials and methods required for producing Fc fusion proteins are described. The investigator's protein moiety of interest is genetically linked to the N-terminus of murine Fc and subsequently expressed in large quantity using a mammalian cell expression system. The resulting Fc fusion proteins are purified on a protein A column and may be stored for at least one year at -20°C. The availability of easily purified, soluble Fc fusion proteins in such quantity can facilitate research in multiple fields of medicine and biotechnology.

Key Words: Antibody engineering; antibody production; soluble Fc; fusion protein; recombinant antigen; genetic engineering; protein expression; protein moiety; mammalian expression system.

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