Preparation of Test Samples

The standard curve for each soluble protein Flex Set covers a defined set of concentrations from 20 to 5000 pg/mL. It may be necessary to dilute test samples to ensure that their mean fluorescence values fall within the limits or range of the generated standard curve. For best results, samples that are known or assumed to contain high levels of a given protein should be diluted as described next.

1. Dilute test sample by the desired dilution factor (i.e., 1:10 or 1:100) using the appropriate volume of assay diluent. Serum or plasma samples must be diluted at least 1:4 before transferring the samples to the assay tubes or wells.

2. Mix sample dilutions thoroughly before transferring samples to the appropriate assay tubes containing capture beads. Do not vortex. Mix by pipet only.

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