Accounts of entomopters can be found in "Microspies" by P. Garrison, Air and Space (April/May 2000): 54-61; and "Micro Warfare," Popular Mechanics (February 2001): 62—65. The potential of genetic engineering of insects is considered in Biotechnology and the Future of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, SIPRI Fact Sheet, November 2001; and Raymond Zilinskas's paper "Possible Terrorist Use of Modern Biotechnology Techniques," 2000 Conference on Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, Rome ( pdf). Various Web sites developed by university researchers provide insights on insect-based robotic systems, including (University of Calgary's hexapod device), (University of California Irvine's cockroach cyborg), and neuromechanics.cwru. edu/news/igertnews3.htm and (Case Western Reserve University's cockroach and ant projects).

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