Insect-based attacks on agricultural targets and U.S. preparedness are explored in a number of sources, including "A Plague of Locusts" by Benjamin Garrett Nonproliferation, Demilitarization, and Arms Control, 5—6 (2000): 11—12; "Agricultural Biological Warfare: An Overview" by Jonathan Ban, Chemical and Biological Arms Institute, 9 (June 2000); "Biological Terrorism Targeted at Agriculture: The Threat to U.S. National Security" by Rocco Casagrande, Nonproliferation Review (Fall/Winter 2000): 92—105; Covert Biological Weapons Attacks Against Agricultural Targets: Assessing the Impact Against U.S. Agriculture, by Jason Pate and Gavin Cameron, Discussion Paper 200i-9 of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Countering Agricultural Bioterrorism (Washington, D.C.: National Research Council of the National Academies, 2003); and "Assessing the Agroterror Threat" by Steve Nash, The Scientist (May 10, 2004):

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