The Allied efforts to develop entomological weapons can be gleaned from various sources, including Ed Regis's The Biology of Doom: The History of America's Secret Germ Warfare Project (New York: Henry Holt, 2000); B. J. Bernstein's article "The Birth of the U.S. Biological-Warfare Program," Scientific American, 256 (1987): 116—121; Norman Covert's Cutting Edge: The History of Fort Detrick, available at; and Milton Leitenberg's paper "Biological Weapons in the Twentieth Century: A Review and Analysis" for the 7th International Symposium on Protection against Chemical and Biological Warfare in Stockholm, Sweden, 2001. The massive delousing program was described by C. M. Wheeler in "Control of Typhus in Italy 1943-1944 by Use of DDT," American Journal of Public Health, 36 (1946): 119—129.

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