The conscription of insects during the Vietnam War is recounted in the paper by John Ambrose, "Insects in Warfare," Army (December 1974): 33-38, and in my paper "Entomological Warfare: History of the Use of Insects as Weapons of War," Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America, 33 (1987): 76—82. The passive use of plague as a weapon is described by John Cookson and Judith Nottingham in A Survey of Chemical and Biological Warfare (New York: Monthly Review, 1969). The yellow rain controversy can be found in the articles by Thomas Seeley et al., "Yellow Rain," Scientific American (September 1985): 128—137, and by Jonathan Tucker, "The 'Yellow Rain' Controversy: Lessons for Arms Control Compliance," The Nonproliferation Review (Spring 2001): 25—41.

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