The use of Medflies as weapons is addressed in Countering Agricultural Bioterrorism (Washington, D.C.: National Research Council of the National Academies, 2003). Newspaper coverage of the Breeders' case includes "Female Medfly Found in Sun Valley Close to Area Targeted Earlier," Los Angeles Times (January 4, 1990): B3; "Officials Advertise to Contact Mystery Group Claiming Medfly Releases," Los Angeles Times (February 10, 1990): A13; and "Mystery Letter Puts a Strange Twist on Latest Medfly Crisis," Los Angeles Times (December 3,1988): Bi. The Breeders' letter and associated government communications were acquired through the Freedom of Information Act. Further insights were provided through interviews with Pat Minyard, acting director of Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services, California Department of Agriculture, and Jim Reynolds, western regional director for USDA-APHIS.

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