How insects might be used to attack agriculture is discussed in SIPRI's Environmental Warfare: A Technical, Legal, and Policy Appraisal (London: Taylor & Francis, 1984), ed. A. H. Westing, and "Food and Agricultural Security," Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 894 (1999), ed. T. W. Frazier and D. C. Richardson. The damage done by invasive species is described in "New York's Battle with the Asian Long-Horned Beetle" by R. A. Haack et al., Journal of Forestry, 95 (1997): 11—15; S. B. Vinson, "Invasion of the Red Imported Fire Ant: Spread, Biology, and Impact," American Entomologist (Spring 1997): 23—38; and California Agricultural Research Priorities: Pierce's Disease (Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press, 2004).

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