Excellent descriptions of entomological warfare in Korea can be found in Robin Clarke's The Silent Weapons (New York: David McKay, 1968), John Cookson and Judith Nottingham's A Survey of Chemical and Biological Warfare (New York: Monthly Review, 1969), and Stephen Endicott and Edward Hagerman's The United States and Biological Warfare: Secrets from the Early Cold War and Korea (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998). The original Report of the International Scientific Commission for the Investigation of the Facts Concerning Bacterial Warfare in Korea and China (Peking: International Scientific Commission, 1952) is hard to find but fascinating, and the most strident refutation of this document is Milton Leitenberg's 1998 paper, "The Korean War Biological Warfare Allegations Resolved," Center for Pacific Asia Studies at Stockholm University, Occasional Paper 36.

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