The dengue outbreak is described in "Hemorrhagic Dengue in Cuba: History of an Epidemic" by Gustavo Kouri, Maria G. Guzman, and José Bravo, PAHO Bulletin, 20 (1986): 24—30, and "U.S. Biological Warfare: The 1981 Cuba Dengue Epidemic" by Bill Schaap, Covert Action (Summer 1982): 28—31. The thrips case is recounted by Eric Croddy in Chemical and Biological Warfare: A Comprehensive Survey for the Concerned Citizen (New York: Springer-Verlag, 2002) and on the Web site Litanies of Cuban accusations can be found at and documentos/2002/ing/m240502i.html. An American refutation is provided by Milton Leitenberg in "Biological Weapons in the Twentieth Century: A Review and Analysis," 7th International Symposium on Protection against Chemical and Biological Warfare, Stockholm, Sweden, 200i.

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