Descent propulsion system

Most of the LM's descent stage was taken up with the descent propulsion system (DPS). In the parlance of Apollo, the DPS was always pronounced 'dips'. The designers had come up with a simple cruciform structure for the descent stage which held a propellant tank in each of the four box-shaped bays around a central space where the engine was mounted.

This engine was remarkable for its time for being able to be throttled, i.e. its thrust was variable, which was a major technical achievement. The basic idea of the throttle mechanism was to alter the area of the injector plate in use at any one time - similar

"The Eagle has wings.' free after undocking.

Apollo ll's LM flies

Apollo 16's LM Orion and its faulty steerable dish antenna.

The cruciform structure of the descent stage of Intrepid, Apollo 12's LM.

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