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Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

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Happened despite the animals being offered a 'generous selection of food they liked'. Pratt also noted that 'other Australian zoos were encountering troubles as bad as and often worse than our own'.41 Despite these early unexplained setbacks, which led many to assume that the koala's normal lifespan must be only four or five years, captive koalas now enjoy very long lives, reaching an average of some 12 to 14 years. The oldest resident at Brisbane's Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was 21 years old when it died.42 There seems to be little difference between the lifespans of captive and wild koalas, as wild koalas typically live to approximately 13 years of age, with records of up to 18 years of age.43 As we have seen, the koala enjoys undisputed 'star' status at zoos and wildlife parks around the world, but how popular is it in its own country The Census published by the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria (ARAZPA) gives us some idea of the importance of koalas...

Alien Foraminifera in the Mediterranean

Www Foraminifera Test Aperture

Invasion of the Mediterranean Sea by alien species is getting increasingly prominent every day. These alien species are probably transported in with ballast waters or by attaching themselves onto vessels. Furthermore, many species have been brought into the Mediterranean for aquaculture purposes or inadvertantly introduced from public aquariums. But, most of the alien taxa recorded in the Mediterranean are originated from Indo-Pacific, indicating that the Suez Canal is considered to be the major vector in introducing alien species into the Levantine Basin. More than five hundered alien species have been recorded so far and each year new arrivals are reported (Galil, 2008). Alien invasion is considered to be a major problem worldwide, especially if the native coastal ecosystems are polluted and disturbed by the anthropogenic activities, such as observed in the Mediterranean. The aliens can deplete food sources, change the habitat structure and environmental conditions, in which the...

Abseiling Into The Spacelab

Working from Columbia's middeck, two technicians were lowered, one at a time, in sling-like seats down the 6-m-long tunnel into Neurolab in the payload bay. One technician waited in a shelf-like 'bend' in the tunnel, while the other entered the module itself to await the animal cages and aquariums that were then lowered on separate slings.

Literature and film

The imaginations of old and young alike have been stimulated by such fictional insect worlds and some have even developed a liking for the real thing. Toy manufacturers have taken advantage of the vogue for ants and are selling ant aquariums, so to speak, in which water is replaced by a nutritious gel, thus enabling

Rodent Experiments

Elsewhere, a minor problem cropped up with the four oyster toadfish on board Columbia. They possess gravity-sensing organs reminiscent of human inner ears, and although each had been fitted with a small transmitter before launch to monitor neuronal activity, the signals were found to be intermittent, possibly due to an electrical fault or problems with the oxygen-circulation pumps in their aquariums. Nonetheless, Stephen Highstein of the Washington University School of Medicine said, ''We think we can achieve 100 of our science goals even with intermittent data.''


Guppies are popular freshwater aquarium fish. As with the pheasants we met in Chapter 3, the males are more brightly coloured than the females, and aquarists have bred them to become even brighter. Endler studied wild guppies (Poecilia reticulata) living in mountain streams in Trinidad, Tobago and Venezuela. He noticed that local populations were strikingly different from each other. In some populations the adult males were rainbow-coloured, almost as bright as those bred in aquarium tanks. He surmised that their ancestors had been selected for their bright colours by female guppies, in the same manner as cock pheasants are selected by hens. In other areas the males were much drabber, although they were still brighter than the females. Like the females, though less so, they were well camouflaged against the gravelly bottoms of the streams in which they live. Endler showed, by elegant quantitative comparisons between many locations in Venezuela and Trinidad, that the streams where the...