For inspiration, discussion, and guidance, I am happily indebted to Kevin Stacey, Julie Dunsworth, Cheryl Hill, Pat Shipman, David Carlson, Brian Regal, members of the Penn State biological anthropology journal club, and the students from my spring 2006 course in biological anthropology. Alan Walker and Jeffrey Kurland kindly allowed me to bask in the glow of their very clever brains for the last seven years. Enormous gratitude goes to Greenwood editor Kevin Downing. Drawings and maps were artistically prepared byJeff Dixon. Thanks to Kristina Aldridge, Mark Teaford, David Lordkipanidze, Chris Campisano, Alice Teeple, and students of the 1998 Rutgers Koobi Fora field school for assisting with photographs and figures. Any errors on the following pages are mine alone. Few of the ideas presented in these pages are new ones and I thank all of the people responsible for them. Thanks most of all to the people who work in hot deserts, cold caves, lonely museum stacks, and sterile laboratories for their tireless curiosity and enthusiasm for human origins and evolution.

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