Acronyms and Abbreviations

tg auveXtvg etnelv (to say it short)

APT automatic photometric telescope

CCD charge coupled device

CCF cross-correlation function

CDM conjugate direction method

CLV center-to-limb variation

CMD color-magnitude diagram

EB eclipsing binary

HST Hubble Space Telescope

IAU international astronomical union

IPMs interior point methods

MACHO massive compact halo object

MSC main sequence constraint

NDE Nelson-Davis-Etzel; usually used to refer to the NDE model

NLP nonlinear programming

OGLE optical gravitational lensing experiment

PMT photomultiplier tube

RADS rapid alternate detection system

RV radial velocity

SB1 single-lined spectroscopic binary

SB2 double-lined spectroscopic binary

SED spectral energy distribution

SI physical units according to the Systeme International

SQP sequential quadratic programming

WD Wilson-Devinney; used to refer to the Wilson-Devinney model or program w.r.t. with respect to

ZAMS zero-age Main Sequence

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