Binnendijks Model

Binnendijk's model was coded by Nagy (1975) and lead to a synthetic light curve program for contact binaries, based on the Roche model with cylindrical coordinates. A full discussion is found in Binnendijk (1977), which contains also a good exposition of the physical principles behind the models and a fine summary of the synthetic light curve programs to the end of 1975. So, for example, the differences between the forms of the potential, which were (and still are) widely used, are well described.

Nagy and Binnendijk used step sizes of 0.04 along the axis joining the components, in units of the separation of centers, and a 5° angle about this axis. Surface brightness was computed by a method based on Mochnacki & Doughty (1972a). Binnendijk stressed the importance of surface brightness, rather than effective temperature as a radiation parameter, an appropriate emphasis at a time when stellar atmospheres were just beginning to be well characterized. Binnendijk emphasized the importance of radial velocity, line profile, and spectrophotometric data, and therefore foresaw many of the modern advances that have been made since.

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