Below you will find the program listing.

program read2000 character*2 a2 character*18 a18 character*22 a22 character*65 a65 character*2 char(35) DATA CHAR/

&8*' ',' A',' E',' W','F1','F2','PH','VG',' I', &'G1','G2','T1','T2','A1','A2','P1','P2',' Q', &'T0',' P','DP','DW',' ','L1','L2','X1','X2','L3'/

imax=2 0

open(4,file='parm') open(7,file='pout') 9 write(7,35) do 6 n=1,2

2 format(a2,2 5x,a18,18x,a2 2) if(a2.ne.'No') go to 1 if(n.eq.1) write(7,25) a2,a18,a22

25 format(a2,1x,a18,1x,a22)

7 format(a65)

go to 9 10 close(4) close(7) stop end

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