stood in the following sense. For an arbitrary x e [0, -], from the set of grid points k

{xo, x1, x2,..., xn} a subset of four values x-1, x0, x1, and x2 is chosen to obey x0 < x < x1. In order to achieve the goal, the original set should be extended as needed to {x-1, x0, x1, x2,..., xn+1}. Due to the symmetry of the light curve, we have x-1 = x1 and xn+1 = xn-1. This system is indexed as

X; = (i — 2)h, 1 < i < n + 3, yi = f (x;). (4.5.9)

The index i0 of the local x0 follows as io = 2 +

and eventually we obtain Bessel's interpolating formulas

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