Selected Bibliography

Utilia et delectabilia ( useful and delightful)

This section is intended to guide the reader to recommended books or articles related to the advanced modeling topics covered in this chapter.

• Semi-detached Binaries as Probes of the Local Group by Wilson (2004) - a review article on the role of EBs in distance estimation.

• The proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 240 (2006) under the title Binary Stars as Critical Tools & Tests in Contemporary Astrophysics edited by Hartkopf et al. (2007) provide an excellent overview on state-of-the and ongoing activities in close binary research. They review major advances in instrumentations and techniques, and new observing techniques and reduction methods including surveys.

• Seager & Mallen-Ornelas (2003) and Kipping (2008) solved a set of nonlinear equations to obtain the parameter of star-planet systems with spherical stars and planets. These papers could serve as a starting point to become familiar with the geometry of the problem.

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