Attila Grandpierre

Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences H-1525 Budapest, P.O. Box 67, Hungary

Abstract We propose that the first principle of biology is a useful guide in exploring cosmic life forms. Moreover, it determines the basic prerequisites of life in material-independent form. Starting from the Bauer principle (BP), we made explicit its content, and found that the Bauer principle is mediated by virtual interaction (VI) which generates biological couplings (BC) opening up an enormous realm of biologically spontaneous reactions. With the help of biological couplings, it becomes possible that the organism self-initiate systematic investment of work AW against the equilibrium, which would otherwise necessarily be approached on the basis of the given initial state and the laws of physics. Therefore, the essence of life can be formulated as the following: the Bauer principle (BP) is manifest in virtual interactions which generate biological couplings leading to investment of work AW that generates thermodynamically uphill processes increasing extropy n (An > 0); compactly, BP^VI^BC^ AW^An. We point out that generation of lawful algorithmic complexity is a fundamental characteristic of life (Grandpierre, 2008). Applying the Bauer principle for the Sun, we found that the Sun is a living organism. We are led to recognize a cosmic life form in stellar activity cycles. Then we generalized the Bauer principle and found new kinds of cosmic life forms like the microscopic, intermittent and hidden life forms. We found that the first principle of biology is able to be manifest in the whole universe through virtual interactions. This result led us to recognize a new cosmic life form present in the vacuum that we call universal life.

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