Experiments Suggested Testing the Living Nature of the

We suggest that terrestrial plants absorbing photon flux emitted by the Sun can serve as suitable measuring devices. Photons by their very nature are suitable to manifest information since light is the par excellence carrier of information. We are wondering how can the possibility that light emitted by the Sun carries information escape due attention - other than that of Tribus and McIrvine (1971), who suggested that the Sun emits information at the rate of 1038 bit s-1 in the form of light? If solar photons carry information, and if the Sun is a living organism, than solar photons can carry information about a cosmic life form, including biologically useful information arising from the Bauer principle. Certainly, during the hundreds of million years, biological life on Earth has already figured out how to utilize the astronomically huge flow of biologically useful information reaching the Earth from the Sun. In that way, terrestrial cells did not have to start from scratch, from the physical level of algorithmic complexity. Biogenesis on the Earth seems to be facilitated enormously by the information flow present in solar radiation carrying an enormous flux of algorithmic, and, perhaps, still deeper level of complexity.

And if so, then plants could react sensitively to deprivation of sunlight. In accordance with this expectation, tomatoes grown outdoors would be found to have better biological effects than tomatoes grown in greenhouses. We propose an experiment to grow tomatoes in solarium light and compare their biological effects with control tomatoes grown outdoors.

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