Fossils And Fossilization

Nanosims Opens a New Window for Deciphering Organic Matter in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Samples

Disentangling the Microbial Fossil Record in the Barberton Greenstone Belt: A Cautionary Tale [Walsh, M.M.

Looking Through Windows onto the Earliest History of Life on Earth and Mars [Wacey, D. et al.] 39

Models for Silicate Fossils of Organic Materials in the

Astrobiological Context [Kolb, V.M. and Liesch, P.J.] 69

Microfossil Phosphatization and Its Astrobiological

Implications [Shuhai Xiao and Schiffbauer, J.D.] 89

Proterozoic Unicellular and Multicellular Fossils from

India and Their Implications [Tewari, V.C.] 119



Microbial Communities of Stromatolites [Brendan, B.P. et al.] 143

Biosedimentological Processes That Produce Hot Spring Sinter Biofabrics: Examples from the Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka

Cyanobacterial Mat Features Preserved in the Siliciclastic

Sedimentary Record: Paleodeserts and Modern Supratidal

1 The editors thank Professor Julian Chela-Flores for his suggestions for sections and chapter arrangements.

Deciphering Fossil Evidence for the Origin of Life and the Origin of Animals: Common Challenges in Different Worlds

Biology PART 3:

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