Recently astrobiology has become main foci of modern science. In 1996, the Astrobiology program was added to NASA's lexicon. (Dick and Strick, 2004, 19) "With the advent of the means to explore space, the prospect of developing a truly universal science of biology now seemed possible for the first time." (ibid., 2) Similarly as the research of stellar physics plays a significant role in understanding our Sun, the research of cosmic life is of fundamental importance for the scientific understanding of what life is. We point out that being imaginative in exploring cosmic life forms will be facilitated if helped by exploring the most universal aspects of biology. If we base our exploration of cosmic life forms to the most general principle of biology, a whole list of yet unimagined cosmic life forms will become closer to us. It appears the universe itself can offer much wider perspectives for exploring the nature of life. This means that we do not consider life as being restricted to protein-based life forms; yet the basis of defining general life is specified by the first principle of biology: the Bauer principle (see below).

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