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Cover illustration:

Upper left: NGC 6188, a dust cloud in Ara OB1 association, which sprawls across the edge of an expanding bubble of gas that could be as much as 300 light years wide. Photo courtesy of Don Goldman.

Upper right:: Solar system montage of Voyager images. Photo courtesy of NASA. Center: JPL. Image # PIA-02973.

Middle left: Hot spring in Yellowstone National Park Lower Geyser Basin White Creek area. Photograph by Maud Walsh

Middle right A spiny acritarch, Meghystrichosphaeridium reticulatum, preserved in 635-551 million year old phosphorite of the Doushantuo Formation at Weng'an in South China. Photograph by Shuahai Xiao.

Photo at the bottom: Intertidal stromatolites in Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay, Western Australia. Courtesy of B.P. Burns and B.A. Neilan (see their chapter in this volume).

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