On the Origin of the Anthropic Principle of the Universe

In the last decades, the fine-tuning of the fundamental constants of physics led to the wide ranged discussion of the anthropic principle (cf. Davies, 2006). We propose here a simple explanation for the fine-tuning of the fundamental constants. According to this proposal, the fundamental constants and laws of physics are in a certain sense secondary in comparison to the biological principle.

We indicated that within living organisms, it is the biological principle that acts first, and the physical principle acts only after the approximate range of biologically selected end states are determined. Considering cosmic life forms it is of importance to keep in mind that the biological principle is universal, similarly to the physical principle. Therefore, the biological principle has a fundamental cosmic aspect. If the biological principle acts first in the cosmic context, then all the material properties of the universe have to fit to biology. Our argument indicates that the thesis of the anthropic principle telling that fundamental constants of physics must fit to the existence of life is a corollary of our thesis telling that the universe is fundamentally alive and so biology is the control theory of physics.

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