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Reasons for Choosing Traps as Eradicating Tools

Of all the fishing methods fishers employ, traps have a long history of tested effectiveness as harvesting gear for aquatic organisms, and there are extensive examples of commercial fisheries still employing them as their preferred gear. Traps are regularly used to capture crustaceans because they are cheap, small and light, easy to operate, occupy little deck space in the fishing boat, are selective towards the catch, and will maintain a large proportion of the captured organisms alive and permit the return of undersized and unwanted species unharmed back into the water. Traps are a passive fishing gear, where the target organism has to be lured into them by using bait. This relies on the locomotive power of the target animals, which have to approach the gear by themselves therefore, this technique requires less energy and fuel than active fishing methods used to catch crustaceans, such as trawling. Furthermore, small fishing gear has lower operational costs, can be hauled manually...

To Kill or Not to Kill

I hear the boat's motor start and feel myself grabbing my backpack and running to join the group that is climbing aboard the small fishing boat. I have to wade out several feet to get to the boat and my boots, purchased for this trip and promising to be waterproof, quickly fill with water. Even here, right by shore, it is already pitch dark. Those of us with flashlights point them toward the front as the boat begins to cross the lake, providing what little extra light we can. Soon we are at the other shore and piling out of the boat. Again, the water rushes into my boots. I clutch my backpack, pull the hood of my poncho tighter and wade ashore through the high reeds and driftwood, thinking now only of the water moccasins, flashing my light in the water, looking for any sign of their cotton-colored mouths. Just as I reach dry ground with the other people in the party I hear the boat begin to pull away. It is going back across to the other side, leaving us to face the snakes, pigs,...

Historical Patterns Of Gene Flow

Trade gave people reasons to surmount or bypass those barriers to travel, and it has played an important role in facilitating human gene flow. Although its impact on gene flow was probably not as dramatic as that resulting from conquest and colonization, it was important, particularly after the development of sailing ships. Sailors and barmaids, like traveling salesmen and farmers' daughters, have played a crucial role in recent human evolution.

The Spheres from the Tower

Aristotle's thoughts about the natural world had congealed into an unassailable system of instruction. In principle, his physics built on observation and the logical deductions arising from it. But the observations could be random and certainly were not systematised by means of controlled experiments. Emphasis was placed on the logical and philosophical conclusions - to such an extent that all the practical knowledge that had gradually accumulated, linked to technical advances in architecture and shipbuilding or the construction of clocks and the manufacture of spectacle lenses (to mention but a few), had barely impinged on university teaching of the fundamental physical questions concerning the natural world.

Dorsocentrals see dorsocentral bristles

Gr. dory, spear aner, male (ARTHRO Insecta) A large male form of the driver and legionary ants, characterized by large, modified mandibles, long cylindrical gaster and singular genitalia. dorylophile n. Gr. dory, spear philos, loving Any obligatory guest of army ants belonging to the Dorylini.

The testimony of trees

During the second Italian expedition to Tunguska in 1999, the scientists not only continued their search for microparticles preserved in tree resins, they also looked for other remnants in the sediments at the bottom of Lake Ceko. This 500-metre wide and 47-metre-deep lake is 8 kilometres from the centre of the 1908 explosion. The group, which included Longo who had also attended the 1991 expedition, used an inflatable catamaran for the geological survey and for the coring operations. This work had two objectives to check whether the lake is an impact crater of the 1908 event and to detect mineralogical, chemical and biological evidence of the nature of the Tunguska fireball. Their experimental study showed that though the lake was formed by the impact of a cosmic body, it was definitely formed before the 1908 catastrophe. The core samples collected from the sediment have not yet conclusively been shown to be linked with the fireball.

Analogies For Development

Lunar Lander Development

Returning from viruses to the embryology of larger creatures, I come to my favourite analogy among human construction techniques origami. Origami is the art of constructive paper-folding, developed to its most advanced level in Japan. The only origami creation I know how to make is the 'Chinese Junk'. I was taught it by my father, who learned it in a craze that swept through his boarding school during the 1920s.* One biologically realistic feature is that the 'embryology' of the Chinese junk passes through several intermediate 'larval' stages, which are in themselves pleasing creations, just as a caterpillar is a beautiful, working intermediate on the way to a butterfly, which it scarcely resembles at all. Starting with a simple square piece of paper, and simply folding it - never cutting it, never glueing it and never importing any other pieces - the procedure takes us through three recognizable 'larval stages' a 'catamaran', a 'box with two lids' and a 'picture in a frame', before...

Invasive Scpices Conclusion

Investigating the possible application of alternative fishing gear like liftnets or tangle nets should be considered for eradicating crustacean pests. In several countries the use of this gear is considered illegal and is favored by poachers because they are operated quickly and are very effective. Crustacean fisheries employing tangle nets are found in some countries, and a good example is the spanner crab Ranina ranina fishery in Australia, where this gear has proved much more efficient than using conventional traps (Kennelly and Craig 1989). Preliminary trials using liftnets to capture swimming crabs confirmed their superiority to traps, and caught five times more crabs in one hour than dome traps in one day. Liftnets are fished much shorter times, from 30-60 minutes and consume half the amount of bait. When considering the expense of bait, lift nets caught 20 crabs per kilogram of bait, while traps caught only 2.8 (Vazquez Archdale, unpublished results). Liftnets can also be...

Prevention Removal Treatments and Mitigation Efforts

Public education provides an important key to prevention. Boaters, harbormasters, and private dock owners are often avid stewards of the marine environment and can help monitor and control invasive ascidian populations. Before the public can take action, they must first be made aware of the problems posed by invasive ascidians and taught to identify common invaders. To this end, numerous groups have prepared illustrated pamphlets that describe invasive ascidians (Biosecurity New Zealand, British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association, Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, NOAA Sea Grant, etc). Education efforts encourage interested users to combat invasive ascidians (by ensuring that

The Meeting with Infinity

Galileo's last book is usually referred to by the simplified title Two New Sciences. This time the three friends, Salviati, Sagredo and Simplicio meet after visiting the Arsenal, Venice's famous shipyard. Salviati is impressed with all the practical knowledge accumulated there

The Venus Detective Story

To be matched against such observations were a variety of theories. They fell into two general categories The hot-surface model, in which the radio emission came from the solid surface of the planet and the cold-surface model, in which the radio emission came from somewhere else - from an ionized layer in the atmosphere of Venus, or from electrical discharges between droplets in the clouds of Venus, or from a hypothesized great belt of rapidly moving electrically charged particles surrounding Venus (like those that, in fact, surround the Earth and Jupiter). These latter models permitted the surface to be cold by placing the intense radio emission above the surface. If you wanted sailing ships on Venus, you were a cold-surface model advocate.

Barriers To Gene Flow

There was plenty of gene flow between North Africa and the other lands surrounding the Mediterranean, particularly after the development of sailing ships, but the Sahara certainly interfered with movement to and from sub-Saharan Africa. The block wasn't absolute. The Sahara was a much friendlier environment in the early Neolithic than it is today. Later, the domestication of the camel favored trans-Saharan trade, while the European and Arab slave trade eventually brought African alleles to other parts of the world.

Lecturer and Designer

Making such an instrument required great precision and took a long time. Galileo solved that problem by employing a craftsman, an instrument maker who had worked at Venice's famous shipyard, the Arsenal. The man moved in with the professor in Padua - with his entire family on a board and lodging basis. Galileo made a little money this way. The compasses sold for five scudi, which did not give much profit once the bronze had been paid for and the instrument maker had his wages. But it was complicated enough for the user to need thorough instruction. Galileo gave private tuition in its use - for a sizeable fee twenty scudi.

Trap Operation

Traps are usually baited with mackerel or sardine when the fishing boat is in the port just before going out to sea. Fishers rely on bait and the acute sense of smell of crustaceans to lure them towards the traps. The rigging used during crab fishing usually consists of individual traps fastened to a branch line, which connects them to a bottom longline. Traps are spaced at regular intervals (15 m for swimming crab traps), to prevent tangling and to eliminate competition between bait. The bottom longline is tied at both extremes to an anchor or weight, and to another line connected to a marker buoy, which serves to locate and haul the gear.

New Machines

After thousands of years of development, by the 19th century sailing ships had reached an incredible level of sophistication. They were fast, their rigging could cope with a variety of wind conditions, and their crews were trained to run the ships as best as possible. Then came the steam engine. At first, ships powered by steam could not really compete with sailing, because the machines were tricky to run, the paddles initially used to propel the vessels were inefficient, and there was no worldwide infrastructure of fuel depots to enable an adequate range. Many were skeptical of the need for this new technology and doubted that the potential advantages would outweigh the investments. Was it really worth the trouble of completely converting the established and trusted system of sailing ship transportation However, as the technology matured, steam boats quickly made the old sailing vessels obsolete. They became faster, were independent of the wind, and required much smaller crews, thus...


The Solar System is much vaster than the Earth, but the speeds of our spacecraft are, of course, much greater than the speeds of the sailing ships of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The spacecraft trip from the Earth to the Moon is faster than was the galleon trip from Spain to the Canary Islands. The voyage from Earth to Mars will take as long as did the sailing time from England to North America the journey from Earth to the moons of Jupiter will require about the same time as did the voyage from France to Siam in the eighteenth century. Moreover, the fraction of the gross national product of the United States or the Soviet Union that is being expended even in the more costly manned space programs is just comparable to the fraction of the gross national product spent by England and France in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries on their exploratory ventures by sailing ships. In economic terms and in human terms, we have performed such voyages before The second objection to...

Final preparations

First, the CMP carried out a realignment to refine the platform in terms of the coasting REFSMMAT, which yielded a measure of its inherent drift. Platform drift was always carefully monitored and no opportunity was missed to gain another data point. With the drift measured, the platform's orientation was torqued around to the attitude in which the spacecraft would make the upcoming burn. By lining up the coordinate systems of the platform and the spacecraft, the crew's job of monitoring attitude during the burn became a lot easier as their attitude displays would be simpler to interpret. It is wise to be certain that your ship is pointing in the correct direction when making major engine burns near planets (especially ones without atmospheres) as a mistake can lead to a crash.

Flight Control

Titanic Historia Real

For the early manned space flights, contact was possible only while the spacecraft was over Soviet territory. During 'silent orbits', when a spacecraft was crossing the oceans or over other continents, the crew would either rest or perform experiments that did not require communication with the TsUP. However, in order to achieve a landing in the prime recovery zone on Soviet territory it was necessary to perform a succession of critical operations leading up to re-entry while over the Atlantic Ocean. To provide communications with the spacecraft during these operations, and during the planned manned lunar missions, a number of Scientific Exploration Vessels (NIS) of the Soviet Academy of Sciences were included in the space tracking and control system. Although some ships had been equipped in the early days to receive transmissions from the unmanned Vostoks, four 'modern' tracking ships were laid down in 1967, starting in June with Kegostrov, which had a displacement of 6,100 tonnes....

The Night Return

As the ablative coating of the ship burns off we can see a real fire around us. To an outside viewer our descent module would have looked like a meteor. The g-forces are increasing. Our breathing is difficult. Around us something is crunching, and the module is shaking. Through the windows we can see a dance of orange and red sparks. The impression is much more dramatic than during a daylight descent. Finally the plasma fades, and a few minutes later the three parachutes deploy first the pilot chute, then the drogue and finally the main. It was again darkness outside the windows. At an altitude of 5,000 metres we saw the first detail of the surface. Aleksey and Nikolay, who had windows on opposite sides of the cabin, both reported seeing a lake below. We would prefer not to land in the water. When Aleksey again looked out, he shouted Land - just like the lookout of Columbus's sailing ship. Next we heard the soft-landing rockets fire, there was a shock and then - nothing. As there was...

Tales Of Dim Eden

PROMETHEUS is in a fit of righteous indignation. He has introduced civilization to a befuddled and superstitious mankind, and for his pains Zeus has chained him to a rock and set a vulture to pluck at his liver. In the passage following the above quotation, Prometheus describes the principal gifts, other than fire, that he has bestowed on mankind. They are, in order astronomy mathematics writing the domestication of animals the invention of chariots, sailing ships and medicine and the discovery of divination by dreams and other methods. The final gift strikes the modern ear as odd. Along with the account in

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