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Tap Directly Into Your Creative Mind... And Easily Access YOUR Million-Dollar Ideas Ideas are the lifeblood of success... and the best ideas originate with brainstorming. Brainstorming can help you successfully fix any problem, build any business, generate any plan, or develop any story. But the problem is that most people have no clue how to effectively brainstorm - either by themselves or with groups. You can waste a lot of time coming up with old, boring ideas that won't work... and the whole time you actually believe that you are brainstorming.

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Good to the Last Sock

Classic tinkerer, always trying to repair things around the house with unconventional materials and tools. As we stared down at the minefield of broken glass lying in front of us, my brother and I realized that we were trained for this very moment. We started brainstorming, asking ourselves, What would Dad do

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Jochen Kiesel

Designing Craters is a two-to-three week inquiry-based module addressing the question How do you make a 7-15 stories deep, football stadium-sized crater in a comet The lessons are designed for students in grades 9-12 and provide them with experience in conducting scientific inquiries, making measurements, displaying data and analyzing it to gain a greater understanding of scientific modeling while involving students in the excitement of a NASA mission in development. This unit was designed as part of a Masters degree in Science Education at University of Maryland. After studying the physics of crater formation based on the work of Melosh (1996), the graduate student then developed guidelines for student-designed experiments. The activities are designed to model one path that a scientific inquiry might take. The students begin by brainstorming what factors might influence crater size and doing some initial experimentation and exploration. They evaluate each other's suggestions and...

Operation Rockfish

'It wasn't as bad as it sounds,' he remembers. 'Whenever we asked somebody to help us, we made it clear that this was a team effort with a common goal. If anybody's personal or agency ego conflicted with that, they didn't get invited back. We tried to conduct all of our planning and brainstorming in a very positive, team approach.'