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A small trajectory correction was made on 15 June to 'clean up' after the Phoebe encounter. Between 2 and 22 June, Cassini took imagery to make an albedo map of Titan spanning 360 degrees of longitude between 80°S and 35°N at a best resolution of 46 kilometres per pixel. There was no clear indication of impact structures, but the linear boundaries and preferred orientations of some features were suggestive of tectonism. Compiling the imagery as a movie of a complete 16-day rotation revealed that the clouds near the south pole formed preferentially in the late 'afternoon'.163 When C.D. Murray of the University of London, England, analysed a series of 19 narrow-angle camera images taken during an interval of 2.3 hours on 21 June to facilitate a search for new moons, he spotted a small body 1,000 kilometres from the 'F' ring, and within 300 kilometres of the orbit of the outer shepherd, Pandora. The International Astronomical Union designated this S/2004S3. It was not immediately

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