Few Other Archaic Horses of the Quercy

Although Cougnac is exceptional in that it only possesses a single very schematic horse image in the middle of the Megaloceros frieze, Pech Merle and Le Combel possess some very famous horse paintings which can be attributed to the Gravettian according to a variety of evidence and a direct date from one of the spotted horses.

The cave of Frayssinet-le-Gelat (Lot), discovered recently (Jaubert, Feruglio and Lorblanchet, in preparation), especially the lower gallery known as Combe Negre 1, possesses a couple of stylized horses painted in black, accompanied by a drawn negative hand, a bison, and groups of dots, all in black (Figure 11.7).

My recording reveals the usual characteristics of the Perigordian horses of the Quercy: general stylization, miniaturization of the head, neck stripe, neglect and lack of perspective in the legs, but all of this does not rule out (far from it!) graphic elegance. Through its subjects, its techniques and its style, the little parietal assemblage of Frayssinet-le-Gelat is clearly contemporaneous with Pech Merle, Cougnac, Les Fieux, Les Merveilles, and Roucadour.

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