An identical procedure was carried out for the bovids (abri Morin, the Borie del Rey, and Gouy), and the superimpositions coincide well, but only with the small bovid with criss-cross lines (78g).

The analogy between these engravings is established (Fig. 9.29). The limbs, although longer and more massive, obey the same conventions of depiction. It is, however, important to note that the body of the Gouy animal has not been given the characteristic elongation ofthe engravings to which it is compared. In fact it is quite the opposite—rather squat. There are the following similarities: the animals' very small size, rather small heads, quite square and elongated muzzles, more or less short legs, tapered ends, internal fill of criss-cross parallel lines, oblique hatching or crosses.

As for the engraving (9-10-11), it does not reveal any unquestionable convergences, contrary to what might have been supposed (Figure 9.10). Moreover, the graphic conception of the two heads in question (including the horse head, slightly isolated on the right) is very far from that of the horses of the abri Morin and Pont d'Ambon. Technically and morphologically, this assemblage is even the opposite of engravings like that of the small bovid of Gouy (Figure 9.25). The internal fill of criss-cross parallel lines is not sufficient in itself to link things (cf. 'The stampede' above).

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