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1. The Historical Background to the Discovery of Cave

Art at Creswell Crags 1

Paul G. Bahn

2. The Palaeolithic Rock Art of Creswell Crags: Prelude to a Systematic Study 14

Sergio Ripoll and Francisco J. Muñoz

3. Verification of the Age of the Palaeolithic Cave

Art at Creswell Crags 34

Alistair W. G. Pike, Mabs Gilmour, and Paul B. Pettitt

4. 3D Laser Scanning at Church Hole, Creswell Crags 46 Alistair Carty

5. Zoological Perspectives on the Late Glacial 53 D. W Yalden

6. Cave Archaeology and Palaeontology in the

Creswell Region 61

Andrew T. Chamberlain

7. The Stone Age Archaeology of Church Hole,

Creswell Crags, Nottinghamshire 71

8. Cultural Context and Form of Some of the Creswell Images:

An Interpretative Model 112

Paul B. Pettitt

9. The Engravings of Gouy: France's Northernmost

Decorated Cave 140

Yves Martin

10. Palaeolithic Art in Isolation: The Case of Sicily and Sardinia 194

Margherita Mussi

11. The Horse in the Palaeolithic Parietal Art of the Quercy: Outline of a Stylistic Study 207

Michel Lorblanchet

12. A Topographical Approach to Parietal Figures:

The Monumental Sculptures of the Roc-aux-Sorciers (Vienne, France) Produced in Daylight at the Back of a Rockshelter and on its Ceiling 229

Geneviève Pinçon

13. Dating Magdalenian Art in North Spain:

The Current Situation 247

César González Sainz

14. Rock Art and the Coa Valley Archaeological Park: A Case Study in the Preservation of Portugal's

Prehistoric Rupestral Heritage 263

Antonio Martinho Baptista and Antonio Pedro Batarda Fernandes

15. Rewriting the History Books: The Magdalenian

Art of Creswell Crags 280

Claire Fisher and Rob Dinnis


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