Three horses were first brought together, one from Gouy, one from the abri Morin, and one from Pont d'Ambon, and superimposed. Those of the abri

Fig. 9.29. Comparative analyses

Morin and Pont d'Ambon can be superimposed quite well, with numerous points of convergence, whereas this is not the case with that of Gouy: while the lower line of the neck coincides correctly, the back-line protrudes at the level of the withers, and the heads, albeit of the same size, are different.

If one tries to make the lower line of the necks correspond a little more, one notes that the difference between the back-lines is accentuated. The head of the horse from the abri Morin is longer, the body of that from Gouy is much shorter.

If one lines up the angles of the breasts of the horses from Gouy and Pont d'Ambon, and the attachments of their tails, one notices that the back-line of the horse of Pont d'Ambon protrudes over that of the horse from Gouy.

Finally, if one makes the lower line of the necks coincide more, from the throat to the point of the shoulder, one has to reduce the Gouy horse considerably—in these conditions, it is twice as short as the horse from Pont d'Ambon.

Hence the comparison reinforces the similarities already recognized in the horses of the abri Morin and Pont d'Ambon. But where Gouy is concerned, it makes them very divergent (despite the characteristics that they supposedly had in common).

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