13.1. Distribution map of figures of hinds with striated bands on their heads and chests, both on cave walls and on scapulae 249

13.2. Bison in Magdalenian style, in sector C7 of Cueva de La Pasiega 255

13.3. Bison in a vertical position, in Zone IX, of La Garma

Lower Passage 256

13.4. Distribution in the region of the cave sites of

Magdalenian age: some categories 258

14.1. Quinta da barca's Rock 1, also known as the'spaghetti rock' 270

14.2. Example of a zoomorphic motif featuring two heads with the clear intention of portraying movement 271

14.3. A goat on Penascosa's Rock 5 271

14.4. Schematic representation of the stratigraphic layers (C1 to C7) that almost completely covered

Farizeu's Rock 1 272

14.5. Detail of the portable art plaque found during the excavation of Farizeu's Rock 1 272

14.6. Detail of a finely incised aurochs on Ribeira de

Piscos's Rock 24, with the head in frontal perspective 274

14.7. Complete drawing of the same aurochs presented in Fig. 14.6 274

14.8. Detail of one of the fine-line incised anthropomorphic motifs present on Ribeira de Piscos's Rock 24 275

14.9. Drawing of the same anthropomorphic motif as in Fig. 14.8 276

14.10. Front and back of one of the explanatory cards used by the PAVC guides 277

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